What the Folks Season 2 was a good emotional roller coaster ride.

The Season 2 of Dice Media's What The Folks was filled with fun and emotional moments. But the emotional moments were a lot more as compared to the fun ones. Season 1 was concerned about Anita's parents , now it was turn to see the life of Nikhil's parents. But suddenly, one day Shreya arrives on Nikhil's house and then story takes a different route .

After Season 1, Nikhil decided to shift to Bombay for his startup work , Anita took a job that she didn't want to do because it wasn't that good as her previous job in Delhi. Nikhil's parents planned a holiday to Bombay and visited Nikhil's house. everything was going great there were little fun moments and little emotional ones . Some scenes like the talk between Nikhil's mother and Anita taught different aspects of life after marriage. But suddenly Nikhil's sister Shreya came to Nikhil's house . Shreya and her husband Jason were having a fight , but she didn't said this to anyone. Things turned south when they went to attend Hasmukh uncle's grand birthday party were she discussed some things about divorce with her cousin named Bobby.

Bobby being a divorcee understood that Shreya was planning to take a divorce from Jason, Bobby told this to her mother and the news spread like a fire. Even some wrong rumors also got invented in the chain of spreading the news among all the relatives. Hasmukh Uncle then announced that Jason beats his wife while cutting his birthday cake . Jason and Shreya started fighting , Jason shouted on Nikhil's father which made Nikhil angry , Anita suddenly became a part of Shreya and Nikhil's fight because she said that she isn't happy living her life in Bombay, but actually she was just unhappy with her job. Then the last episode was about Nikhil realising how he was wrong by not giving time to Shreya to let her decide what she actually wants to do and how he was wrong because he shouted on Anita . Everything got sorted in the end.

There are a few things which hint towards Season 3. So overall the story became more about Shreya in the midway but that too was interesting to watch. The emotional trauma Shreya was going through was quite relatable , thus can attract a major portion of the audience. Nikhil and Anita staying together , mending their relationship , no matter what happens , teaches us so many things.

Final Verdict - 3.5/5

Worth a watch.