URI: The Surgical Strike, makes you wonder whether it was a whole army mission or that of one man.

URI based on 2016 surgical strike attacks of Indian Army on terror launch pads in Pakistan is centered around the main character too much, that it looks more like a personal revenge mission than an actual army mission.

I know it is important to show the movie from a perspective of one man and how his life changed because of an event so that audience feel sympathy and the pain of every soldier that fights in the border, but this depiction is too engrossed in showing the life of a single character that it looks more like a personal revenge story than an actual army mission. It would have been better if the camera was focused on different soldiers during the battle scenes . And a little insight of a few soldiers who actually suffered the pain of the terrorist attack in the URI base camp would have made this story a good example of battlefield- storytelling movies. Vicky Kaushal plays the role of Major Vihaan who after successfully completing a mission shifts himself to a desk-job so that he could take care of his mother who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Then on 18th September, nineteen army men were killed while they weren't ready for a battle in the Uri base camp and then the movie is all about the surgical strike in the second half.

Vicky Kaushal playing as Major Vihaan did an extremely satisfying performance, he never disappoints. Other actors like Mohit Raina , Kriti Kulhari, Paresh Rawal and Yami Gautam did their respective roles perfectly. Aditya Dhar is a clever director, he forcefully instills the feeling of patriotism by some unwanted patriotic dialogues at some serious scenes. Though at some point you will feel the fight between the terrorist and soldiers is a bit unrealistic as the main head of the terrorist group always survives the ambush and there is always a superhero-villain fight scene between Vicky Kaushal and the main terrorist heads. No Pakistani soldier can aim properly in this movie. DOP Mitesh Mirchandani did a great cinematography. The VFX , the fight scenes, the night vision mode all looks pretty satisfying. Also the background score makes you feel energetic but it is unnecessary at some scenes.

Even if there are technical faults in this movie and could have been made better if more work would have been done on the direction of the film, still it counts for a watch this week. It will largely attract mainstream audience because of its heavy patriotic dialogue and gruesome , gritty action sequences.

Acting- 3/5





Final Verdict -3/5

Worth a watch this week.