Emraan Hashmi's Tigers is more of a detailed-report documentary than a movie.

Emraan Hashmi's Tigers has a lot of potential if it would have been portrayed like a documentary. The fight of a detailed report like a documentary to become a movie has somehow made the essence of the story missing from this film. The movie is still a great spectacle to watch ,Emraan Hashmi's acting is quiet brilliant in every way .

Based on the true account of a former Nestle Pakistan salesman who takes on the multinational after discovering that its baby milk formula mixed with impure water is killing millions of children . Tigers, directed by Bosnian filmmaker Danis Tanovic – whose No Man’s Land won an oscar. In this movie Nestle becomes LASTA and IBFAN(International Baby Food Action Network) becomes a local NGO in connection with WHO.

The story starts in a room filled with a lawyer , director ,screenwriter and Maggie a representative of the NGO who helped Ayan (Emraaan Hashmi) throughout the movie .

Ayan tells them his story of how he used to be a salesman of local drugs made in Pakistan and how he struggled to sell them almost his entire life till he got a job from a multinational company. He started investing his time in knowing the life of doctors and nurses around the area and the hospital given to him . Thus , he was able to sell the LASTA products easily around his area. But one day he came to know from one of his doctor friend Faiz that the baby milk formula , he is proudly selling everywhere when mixed with impure water results in failure of growth of internal organs and eventually leading to death of thousands of children across Pakistan.

Then Ayan leaves his job and takes on the fight with the MNC, he is working with ,he had all the receipt of how the LASTA tricked him in selling such a harmful product and how he was able to impress every doctor with the products because of the money and gifts ,he used to give them and how well he knew the lives of every doctor. Now there's a twist to this fight as Ayan once decided to take money and settle this all forever because ,he thought that his family would be in danger if he continued with the case . But he didn't take the money because he understood that the cause of the fight is much greater than the security of his family as he talked with his dad. His wife Zainab also told him that she would never respect him ,if he didn't continue this fight. He continued with the NGO to find more proofs about the company and even got a a talk show journalist to take his interview and help this case to get an international reach but somehow the tape of his talk with the official Bilal(Adil Hussain) got in hands with the channel producer and thus the interview got cancelled.

The movie's ending is quite clear as we are being showed again and again that this is a story of a repetitive nature. It never reaches an end because it was Ayan at first , then there would be someone else and the cycle continues. Now the movie is quite a thrilling drama and will keep you engaged all the time but there would be moments where you would question yourself whether it is a movie or a documentary. It is more like a journalist report. Still, the acting and the cause behind the movie counts for a watch. So please tune into Tigers on ZEE5 platform.

Acting -4/5

Direction- 3.5/5

Script- 3.5/5


Music - 3/5

Final Verdict -3.5/5

Worth a watch.