REVIEW: The Vice might be the most clever movie of 2018.

Adam Mckay's The Vice based on the former US Vice President Dick Cheney is a vicious dark comedy which can easily lure audience. Spectacular performances and scrupulous direction makes The Vice a clever movie which can make you believe in anything with its easy tone of screenplay.

What is a Vice President for you ? A person who is going to replace President after he/she dies , well Dick Cheney change the definition of Vice President during the reign of George W. Bush. He literally controlled all the operations of the US government. And the journey of how he became the most powerful person of the US politics. The story is told in a very funny way. The seriousness of politics and the comedy makes a deadly combination. Dick Cheney in his college days was a irresponsible boy , too concentrated on drugs than studies. But he somehow landed in a good college , all because of his girlfriend. He was very reluctant during his college days almost like a gangster guy , he didn't care about the future but when he became the secretary to Donald Rumsfeld (Steve Carell) , every decision that he took was a step towards a bright future. A hard lesson from his wife Lynne (Amy Adams ) changed him completely. Later when he became the Vice President in the movie, he didn't care about what the world thinks or what the opposition party thinks. He just did what he thought was right, more like he was the President of the country , not George W.Bush. Almost a similar behavior that he had when he was in college when he didn't care about the future. He behaved like an irresponsible drug-addict before becoming a responsible man , he again behaved like an irresponsible drug-addict after becoming a responsible man. The characters are breaking the fourth wall at perfect intervals.

Christian Bale as Dick Cheney looking like a big potato is phenomenal. The way Christian Bale is made similar to real life Dick Cheney is praiseworthy. All thanks to a long chain of makeup artist hired for this film. Amy Adams as Lynne is dominant plus has the right amounts of sturdiness. She changed life of Dick totally and also helped him in winning the love of audience when he was suffering from a heart problem. Other actors like Steve Carell ,Eddie Marsan , Sam Rockwell did a brilliant job. Adam Mckay's direction is exemplary, after The Big Short , he knows the way to direct a comedy beautifully. Cinematography is on point. There isn't any background score in this movie. The title of the movie is a pun indicating the behavior of Dick Cheney which is almost immoral and wicked plus it also indicates the movie being about the Vice President. The second half looks a little rushed and hasty which loses the grip over the story which was there from the beginning.

Overall , this movie is a well executed dark comedy which is worth watching. It is a tough contender for winning Oscars in acting .

Acting - 4/5

Direction - 3.5/5

Cinematography - 3.5/5

Script - 3.5/5

Final Verdict - 3.5/5

A must watch for its political commentary portrayed like a dark comedy.