REVIEW: The Favourite is one of the best 18th century dark comedy ever made.

Yorgas Lanithomas directed 'The Favourite' is one of the best dark comedy movies ever made. It has got elegance, great performances and the perfect drama in right amounts.

Set in the 18th century, the drama is loosely adapted from the true story of Sarah, the Duchess of Malborough who was fighting with her own cousin Abigail of Masham to get favours from the Queen, thus creating a love triangle based on political and sexual motives. The drama is very entertaining and structured in a beautiful manner. Queen Anne is suffering from gout. She is childish at times and wants the attention of the people around her, like queens generally want. Winning her love is quite easy. Abigail cleverly plans to win her love and achieves it successfully. The dialogues are well-scripted and delivered bravely.

Olivia Colman as Queen Anne is the best part about this movie. Her acting is mind-blowing, one of the best acting I have ever seen. Emma Stone as Abigail was brilliant, this was her best performance till date. Rachel Weisz as Sarah is magnificent. Direction is spectacular and Cinematography is truly amazing. The story is segmented in different chapters and the title of the chapter is either based on important scene or the scene which is highly entertaining in that particular chapter. A perfect blend of cinematography and direction is seen in the scene where Anne is shown lost in her own hallway at her own will and then shouts at Abigail after few minutes for leaving her. It shows the authenticity of her character and thought-provoking direction of the movie. Background score of the film is apt for the century which is shown to us. Other actors like Mark Gatiss, James Smith and Nicholas Hoult gave mesmerizing performances and fulfilled the needs of their roles efficiently.

Overall, this movie is brilliantly planned and executed and should definitely win a handful of Oscars for sure.

Acting - 4.5/5.

Direction - 4/5.

Cinematography - 4/5.

Script - 4/5

Music - 3.5/5.

Final Verdict - 4/5.

A must watch.