Thackeray is more of a promotional clip than a biography.

Thackeray a movie based on the legendary political figure Balasaheb Thackeray, looks more like a video clip promoting the personality of Balasaheb rather than a biography. It is neatly crafted to show only the good things done by Balasaheb rather than concentrating on the actual truth.

Set in 1960-90s, the movie starts with showing the environment outside a court when Balasaheb is called for a hearing. The movie then moves to showing the past life of Balasaheb and how he actually became a legendary political figure from a cartoonist. Marathi people were impressed by Balasaheb's speech about regaining their birthright to live in Maharastra peacefully and with a proper job. Balasaheb then forms his own political party after being famous around Marathi people. And then his journey of how he became a successful political leader began.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Balasaheb did a fine job, he never disappoints. Amrita Rao as Meena Tai Thackeray fulfilled the needs of her character. Other actors as well gave a satisfactory performance. Cinematography has been the highlight of this movie. Some POV shots are brilliantly taken under the supervision Sudeep Chatterjee. Direction ny AbhijitPanse was just okay , nothing worth mentioning about it . Background score was very bad. The thing which goes bad for this movie, is the script. It is totally based on showing the virtues of Balasaheb rather than showing his determination and hard work. And changing the actual facts just to show a good image of Balasaheb is clearly unacceptable.

Overall, this movie is pretty long and only made for Shiv Sena fans.

Acting - 3/5

Direction - 2/5

Script - 2/5

Cinematography - 2.5/5

Music - 1/5

Final Verdict - 2/5

Skip it if you are not a Shiv Sena fan.