Special Insight: The Surreal Metaphorical Beauty Of The Joker (2019).

Joker the most controversial movie of 2019 is just surreal, metaphorical and very expressive. The cinematography and music score alone is so impressive that even if you don’t agree with the story, the thoughts, the actions of the protagonist you just can’t deny that it is a beautiful movie.

Spoiler alert! I am going to discuss the intricate details of the movie. The first scene of the movie, we see Arthur Fleck (Joker) painting his face in the white, stretching his lips, forcing himself to put a happy face but tears are coming down in black paint as if this is the hint that the character has tried enough to be good, now it’s time to see a dark side of the protagonist. In other scenes, like in front of his psychologist or watching Thomas Wayne criticizing the “subway attack”, his legs are shaking just like his mind is with negative thoughts. As he said all he has are negative thoughts. His unique dance, he is trying to be like Murray (Robert DeNiro) of the Murray Franklin Show. Murray is his hero, he aspires to be like him, like the comedy show host who dances with the beats of the trumpet. His sudden laughs are so deep that it chokes him. These sudden laughs usually come when he has some sort of discomfort or nervousness in the environment. You see him living in a world where there are more plastic bags than street lights, taking stairs to his home which are as long as a whole street. These little things are telling us the sort of environment, the protagonist is living in, a city whose main concerns are the " Super Rats." If you see the movie you can sense that different small changes have made such a big change in the life of the protagonist. A lot like Taxi Driver. It is not like suddenly he decides to take down the world because he is suffering a lot. He reaches there very slowly, so slowly that at some point in the first half you will think the movie is pretty slow. But this movie is not about the origin of the Joker, it is the more about the evolution of Joker. It is not completely like A Clockwork Orange but it is like it in some ways, both having disturbed protagonists who become the victims of the society. In A Clockwork Orange, the protagonist is doing crimes since the beginning while in Joker you can say you come to see how a mass killer becomes what he is. Sure the actions aren’t justified if seen as a bigger picture but that is what Bruce will do in the future, we are forgetting that it is the character study of Joker not another battle saga of Bruce and Joker in The Dark Knight. Those dim lights, those wide-angle shots of him running in the alley after committing a crime are such an impressive set which is as deranged as the thoughts of the protagonist. The brilliant music score of Hildur Guðnadóttir who synchronizes beats with anger. These all factors are like the beautiful icing on the cake.

Joaquin Phoenix sets a new bar of acting, those choke causing satanic laughs due to Pseudobulbar effect on his mind, his skinless body, man that is unforgettable. I had an audience who all were Joker fans, we cheered, clapped, whistled when he colored his hair green, when he put the blood around his lips in a form of a smile, the classic Joker face, man that was something else. Overall, I myself and the audience in my theatre were pretty understanding that this is a fictional world, an evolution of a fictional character. It does not criticize the current conditions of any society in any way nor does it motivate violence in any form, if this motivates violence then as I said earlier in one of my tweets that Fast & Furious motivates you to drive fast cars and lose your life. It is a fictional world take it as it is, don’t compare it with reality. I completely love Joker.