Sex Education Season 1 can make you laugh hard with its various elements and proper execution.

Netflix's new special Sex Education is not the regular sex comedy which you might have seen before, it has some very good elements with perfect characterisation given to each and everyone in the star cast.

A virgin teenager Otis (Asa Butterfield) living with his mother Jean (Gillian Anderson) who is a sex therapist. He is struggling with his own sexual issues but he somehow with a speech helped a boy named Adam to understand his sexual problems which helped him in doing sex properly. This thing is noticed by a badass cool girl Maeve (Emma Mackey), who was right there when Otis gave his motivational speech, she thought of starting a sex clinic in the school campus helping all the anxious kids with different sex problems. Otis has a crush on Maeve since the beginning but he is too coward to say anything to her, instead by mistake he helps another guy to win her love. Maeve loves Otis too but she doesn't accept it till the end.

Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson and Emma Mackey fulfilled the requirements of their respective characters in a spectacular way. Ncuti Gatwa as Eric did the best acting in the show. Others actors like Alistair Petrie , Kedar Williams and Connor Swindells were also brilliant. The direction of the show is quite simple and perfect. Proper time is given to make the script so funny that you might laugh out loud in all the episodes. The cinematography was excellent at few places, giving us enough time to notice some small but extremely funny details of the show. The shot where Otis tries to wank off in the bathroom was shown in a very unique and subtle way. The background music was perfect . This show has various elements some of them are quite common but others are very new and unique, first of all it covers all the different problems which we are too ashamed to talk about, secondly it also throws light on the problems faced by homosexuals or bisexuals in particular. Parental pressure , sneaky parents and the common problem of telling the one you love about your feelings , all of it is covered in this show.

Overall, this show has a surprisingly great start, after watching the trailer I wasn't so sure about it but it surprised me completely and I hope the comedy improves more and more in the coming seasons.

Acting - 4/5





Final Verdict-4/5

Definetly a must watch for comedy lovers.