Selection Day (Part 1) has some interesting elements but doesn't know what to do with them actually.

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Netflix 's new special Selection Day based on Arvind Adiga's book with the same name , has some very interesting elements but clearly Udayan Prasad the director of the show doesn't know what to do with them.

The show is centered around two boys trapped in crazy obsession of their father to make them world's best batsmen. Radha is still interested in playing cricket but Manju doesn't like cricket. He actually likes science and wants to study but he is forced to play cricket by his father. Then their father decides to take his boys to Mumbai to be seen by the selectors from anywhere possible . He goes to different cricket clubs but gets rejected by everyone , then a coach of Weinberg Academy recognizes the talent of the boys and starts training them. During all this, the boys are getting close to the selection day by every passing episode, there are many things happening in the show. The show touches parental pressure, domestic violence, the urban-rural separation, shameless commercialization of education and homosexuality. Plus, there is an interesting chat phase between God and Manjunath. The show tries to depict all these things but in this big mess it forgets to make a big impact.

Mohammad Samed and Yash Dhoyle as Radha and Manju did their roles perfectly. Mahesh Manjrekar as coach looks a bit dull towars his acting. Rajesh Tailang as a crazy father is the best highlight of the show. Ratna Pathak and Akshay Oberoi fulfilled the requirements of their role brilliantly. This first season mid-break doesn't brings the interest , we need to watch the show further , but I think if they go as per the book, things will improve slightly for the end of the season.

Acting- 3/5





Final Verdict -2/5

Just watch it if you don't have anything to watch otherwise you can skip this one.