Sacred Games (S02) - Guruji as saint Thanos is awesome but the story is predictable this time.

Sacred Games Season 2 is slow in the beginning but gains pace gradually, the second half of the second season somehow gives us a thought-provoking, interesting and intriguing story but nothing mind-blowing.


This season is mainly about how Gaitonde met his third father and why was this the worst thing that ever happened to him. Trapped in a boat in the middle of nowhere, Gaitonde meets Trivedi who brought Yadav (a government agent) with him. She offers help to Gaitonde in the killing of Isa but first Gaitonde has to do some things for her like setting up the business for Purshottam. But Gaitonde soon realizes that he cannot remain a slave of a government agent for long, so he chooses to take a different path and joins the ashram of Guruji. How Guruji becomes his third father? What purpose does Guruji have for Gaitonde? Why did Gaitonde kill himself? Why was Trivedi kept underground? What is going to happen in 25 days? This season answers almost everything that was left unanswered in season one and pops out some minor mystery questions.


The show is famous for its characterization, dialogues, the boldness, the constant flow of cuss words but what makes this show unique is the link of current events to the mythological past. But this time it accentuates the present political, social issues of the current scenario in India with a steady pace of the story. Also, female characters like Surveen Chawla as Jojo have got the screen space to show their background. These things are good but the story's abilities have been diminished. The show has become more constructive and has also improved its way of storytelling but many things in the story are predictable this time and are quite lengthy and stretched. Pankaj Tripathi as Guruji is the saint-like Thanos of India, his constant “sacrifice should be made” are the tools to predict the mess which has been created. The show’s direction is such that you will expect something big will happen at the end of the episode but if you look closely all the twists and turns were quite normal. In the ending episodes, it looks like the show will merge with the story of Leila or it will become like the Snowpiercer in an underground bunker in the next season but it ends up giving the “hero trying to save the day” type normal end.


 The second half of the season is intriguing and will keep you hooked till the end but what seems good doesn’t have to be good always. Also, what’s the purpose of Malcolm? If he was going to do what he did in this season then there was no need to show him as such a strong accomplice of the antagonist. Also, the way Gaitonde and Purshottam came into power in Kenya was silly, killing a drug lord in his casino and there wasn’t anyone to fight them. The purpose of the show is similar to that of Badla and Judgementall Hai Kya? , both of them constantly trying to persuade the audience in believing that the end is not what you can easily predict but it is quite simple if you look closely.


Acting by Nawazuddin and Pankaj Tripathi is amazing, as usual. Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj and Surveen as Jojo did a spellbinding job. Cinematography is quite usual, nothing exceptional. Some sequences like when Sartaj or Gaitonde took the drugs, those particular scenes were well-structured and innovatively shot. Dialogues used in different sessions of Sartaj and Gaitonde involving conversations on self-worth are amazing. Music is the worst thing about this season.



Overall, this was a good season but it certainly wasn’t mind-blowing. Expected much more.


Worth a watch with less expectations.