REVIEW: WAR - This duo delivers what it promises just don't search depth in the plot.

The dynamic between Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff alone makes WAR, a worthy treat that is high on action and may have a lot of twists and turns, like a lot of them but still doesn’t fails to show what it promised.

Mix 1 glass of cleverness from the epic Dhoom 2 and 4 glasses of twists and turns from the Race series (except Race 3, of course), you get a tale of two hunks dazzling in action i.e... WAR. Hrithik Roshan as Agent Kabir is the best agent of the intelligence agency. He is meticulous, self-aware and most importantly he knows how to give a good entry walk. A mile better than the other so-called action heroes. Whereas, Tiger Shroff as Khalid, is a determined agent who adores Kabir as much as a 16-year-old girl will drool over Hrithik’s persona. Khalid wants to prove that he is a goddamn good agent even if he has a tainted background. He gets an opportunity and he shines in it. Suddenly Kabir goes rogue and now Khalid is in the search of finding why. Can’t spoil anymore. In the first half after a point, it does seem that Kabir will break his self- aware persona and will kiss Khalid on the head and say “ Mera Baccha Hai Tu. “ like Jackie Shroff.

The action sequences involving both the stars are well-coordinated and synchronized. The pompous, energetic background music by Balhara brothers, slow-motion shots act like the icing on the cake. Especially the intro action sequence of Tiger Shroff. Siddharth Anand cleverly uses the two elements of action and plot for both the actors. Hrithik gets to shine in the action part but that doesn’t mean Tiger did a bad job, he was good too but just not as good as Hrithik whereas Tiger gets to shine by getting a good plot. Vaani Kapoor as Naina is underwritten character. She is a ‘civilian asset’ for the plot. She is a ‘gorgeous bad debt’ for the consistent bromance of Hrithik and Tiger. Just the two songs especially the Holi song Jai Jai Shiv Shankar was not needed, at all. I am happy to say that Tiger isn't just dependant on his " dance moves appearing like action " strength, I think for the first time he acts and does so brilliantly. The laughing while getting beaten in the end, I don't know whose idea was it but man it was goooood.

The film travels like a bird from one location to another covering some great places like Portugal, Morocco, Iraq, Australia, Kerala, and even Arctic Circle. Though the end sequence is far extended and tiring but it is a treat to watch two sexiest men of Bollywood catching the smallest things they can, and using intelligence with action to defeat each other. Suspend your beliefs of reality and drown yourself in the ocean of action presented by these two Gods.

Now the problem with action–thrillers is that they are bound to be illogical or silly in their approach at some point or the other. But if you know the mechanism of this genre, you will be entertained. It doesn’t go over-the-top, check, it does offer some brilliant action sequences, check, main actors, don’t appear superheroes all the time, check, it has a digestible story if you agree on all the checkpoints. Familiar but digestible and really that is enough. Hollywood has fed us with so many action thrillers, that every twist, every action is bound to appear similar to one or the other film. After seeing WAR you can say it is just a tribute to Mission Impossible in a spicy way and added dynamic of Hrithik and Tiger. Be grateful that it actually deserves a one-time watch but don’t expect a deep plot.

Overall WAR is a good action thriller probably a witty , clever and self aware just like Hrithik 's character in the movie.

I want a prequel movie with Kabir getting a good plot .