REVIEW: Velvet Buzzsaw is a scary ride filled with satire.

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Netflix's new special movie Velvet Buzzsaw directed by Dan Gilroy who also wrote and direct the famous Nightcrawler mixes art with horror in a fun way but it also looks messy at most places.

The movie starts with Morf aka Jake Gyllenhal playing as an art critic who is like a god in the world of art. His reviews means everything to the exhibitors. He is getting closer to her ex-girlfriend, the assistant of Rhodara i.e.. Josephina ( Zawe Ashton) who suddenly becomes a gallery owner when she finds out the artwork of his neighbour who died in front of her. His paintings are very different and it kills people who keeps the art piece in a way that is inexplicable. Very similar to the deaths of Final Destination. The buzz piles up and so does the dead bodies.

Jake Gyllenhal as Morf who is a bi-sexual art critic who does the best he can for his role. Rene Russo as Rhodara is dominant and acts evil when needed, her acting is pretty great. It is almost like a comeback for her. Natalia Dyer as Coco is good but her presence at every death scene looks very coincidental. Other actors did a satisfactory job. Cinematography is brilliant at some points, the death of Jon Dondon is depicted astutely with great special effects. Script falls off at some points. Direction as mentioned before gets messy. Gilroy is not able to make suspense but the way he shows gory deaths in a wild way, keeps you engaged throughout the film. Background music is good at some points but loses its track most of the time.

Overall, the movie mixes supernatural and satire in a splendid way. But it is executed badly at some places. Can count for a watch for its unique way of depicting ghoulish killings.

Acting - 3/5.

Direction - 2.5/5.

Script - 3/5.

Cinematography - 3.5/5.

Music - 1.5/5

Final Verdict - 3/5

Can count for a watch .