REVIEW: Unbelievable- A neat account of a staggering case and injustice with emotions and intellect.

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Susannah Grant’s Unbelievable is a neatly detailed account of a staggering crime which carries all the elements affecting the current world scenario.

Netflix's new eight-episode mini-series Unbelievable is like a mirror reflecting the status of current crime conviction cases of the whole world, it is depressing with its credible facts but it also unravels a story of hope in which the different investigating departments tries to get down to the core of criminal mind and his actions. In the first episode of Unbelievable, we learn about the case of Marie Adler (Kaitlyn Dever). She is raped early morning at the knifepoint. As she slept, someone broke into her apartment, tied her with her shoelaces and raped her. She is in a deep trauma obviously but still, she is made to repeat the whole incident to different heads of departments.

Eventually, her statements become inconsistent and her background makes the police believe that she filed a false report. She is forced by the detectives to admit, that rape was just one of her bad dream. She is made to question herself and the first episode brutally elucidates the cruelty of the society, people bullying her, she loses her strong friendships. Katilyn knows her game, she knows a proper expression for every situation. It’s quite hard to portray a victim without justice, a victim who is just lost like a needle in a garden full of problems or rather people letting her down again and again but Katilyn just knows how to act out all the situations. I was impressed by her work in Booksmart, now I think I am a fan. She is like the Korey Wise (Jharrel Jerome) of When They See Us.

Cut to, another rape case emerges which is investigated by Detective Duvall (Merritt Wever) who meets Detective Grace (Toni Collette) and discusses her case with her. Together with a team, they hunt down the small details ranging from making a list of all the sexual predators around the area to make a list of all porn sites contributors. Even an attempt to make a list of stolen undies was also raised. The show cleverly goes in and out of the procedure to solve the case and the life of Marie which is reaching all the limits of an unfair level. The show creatively mixes trauma with intellect. Like a part of the show wants you not to think and just be emotional about the injustice shown while the other just wants you to observe all the minute details of the investigation. Two extremes at play. A sense of hope walks in through the door every episode but it makes you question that is it hope or just another lead to hide the inevitable hopelessness?

Meritt Wever plays the role of an understanding, calm, faithful and hopeful detective fantastically. Toni Collette played an opposite role as compared to Meritt amazingly. But their pair together is outstanding, they are so good that I think they deserve to be in a True Detective season on a different case. Delhi Crime, a Netflix show on 2012's Nirbhaya rape case of India had a similar approach of catching smallest details but the show was confined to show the smart work by the local police, this is more concerned to show the excellent work of all units of the police whether related to a region or the state. Dialogues in the first four episodes were just okay and situation driven, the next half was more into the part of making us think about the condition of the present. Fight against patriarchy, the struggle of faith every topic gets a presence.

Overall, Unbelievable is another addition to this year’s absolute masterpiece mini-series with Chernobyl and When They See Us.


A Must Watch.