REVIEW: Ujda Chaman - The weak plot and characterization make the fun and message appear dull.

Ujda Chaman is half baked which is neither able to provide the social message nor the fun of supporting characters.

Chaman (Sunny Singh), a Hindi government college lecturer faces consecutive rejections and raging by his students because of his premature balding. The protagonist chases every other female colleague in the college like a pervert and doesn't judge the fact of them being overage for him but when it comes to dating an overweight tinder match, he is super sensitive about it. Ujda Chaman makes everything about hair and is too late when the time comes to deliver the message that hair doesn't define your personality and it isn't everything you need to worry about. This is a remake of Kannad movie Ondu Motteya Kathe and while the original portrays the gentle and poetic personality of the main character even if he is half - bald, the remake gets too lost in being funny.

We never get a close insight into the good personality Chaman instead we are shown a man who is desperate and behaves like a pervert and finds different events to find his someone special. The self - realization part of Chaman is very late instead of judging himself by being rejected by many girls, he is too busy judging the people around him. The message film tries to convey becomes a secondary course of action rather than the primary and the unnecessary fun of the characters takes the prime space. I bet Chaman would still be rejected by every other girl if he had hairs like Kartik Aaryan if he continued to behave as he did in the first half of the film. I get it you want to show a character who is afraid of facing problems suddenly realizes that the only inevitable solution to all his problems is facing them and not running away from them but presenting it at the end of the movie was not the right idea probably self-realization should have come just before the interval. You might lose your patience and give a shout to the plot to get to the message fast, it looks like the director forgets that it is a movie, it almost looks like a cluster of a social message TV show mixed together to form a movie.

Acting by Sunny Singh and Maanvi Gagroo is pretty impressive. The supporting cast did a fine job. The music is quite apt for the situation. But the plot and dialogues don't add much to the creative social message it wants to convey. The film wanted to show the already seen theme of overweight in Dum Laga Ke Haisha mixed with premature balding of the main character and wanted to depict social message with a fun theme like Shubh Mangal Savdhaan, in fact, the protagonist premises of Shubh Mangal Savdhan and that of Ujda Chaman is same. Both accept who they are and take the path of self - realization right after the last sequence.

Overall, Ujda Chaman takes a unique element from the Kannada movie Ondu Motteya Kathe but fails to deliver the message and the unique take of admiring the inner beauty more than the outer appearance.

FINAL VERDICT - 1.5 / 5.