REVIEW: The Society - A horrifying concept which has its strength in drama and weakness in horror.

Updated: May 13, 2019

Netflix’s new special The Society is a complicated, well-characterized teen drama which meets Stephen King’s stories but lacks the thrill, the pace, the fear and logic at few places.

A group of teenagers goes on a school trip but to their surprise, they come back to their hometown within a few hours and find that everything or rather everyone is missing. There is finite food in the supermarkets but this new hometown has no exit, like an island covered in water from all sides, just in this case the land they live is covered in the deep forest from all sides. What a great concept! But things that look good don’t always end up being good sometimes they are just average and so is this show. So all the teenagers of this parallel dimension (that’s what they call it ) are frightened to see this scenario at first but they start adapting to the change quickly. They start accepting this watershed and even begin to try making a living out of this. How they survive, what happens to them and who is behind all of this or rather what is this place is the show all about. And point to be noted that the importance given to each of these points is precisely in this order whereas things should have been completely opposite right?

The show is a unique combination of many shows and movies like it look like Stephen King’s Under The Dome or CW’s The 100 meets Lost. But it is largely similar to Lord of Flies. But this show has a unique pace and an unexpected approach to such a so-called doomsday sort of event, rather than concentrating on finding ways to get out of this world or finding answers, they are having Prom nights, Thanksgiving dinners, marriages, forming governing bodies, and playing politics. And that all is really hard to digest considering all the primary factors. There is no panic among these teenagers, everyone is so content in their own life that it almost feels like you are watching a regular romantic teen drama with no major casualty whatsoever. Though the drama is interesting to watch. But the time given to the suspense, the fear, the anxiety is actually very less and disappointing. There isn’t even slightest attempt to clear the forest and find a way out of this world, it almost looks like they wanted this alone world.

There are no main actors in the show, every actor is provided with ample amount of screen time for their proper characterization. Kathryn Newton and Sean Berdy were the best among the others. It looks like the show had a tough budget, thus not a single buck is invested in depicting ultra-horrifying graphics. Not even the death scene was made horrifying. Very poor dialogue writing like “I will kill you and then you would be dead” or that same old wisdom spreading dialogues at the church to "calm down" and "don’t lose hope" looked very silly and weren’t simply needed.

Overall, this is an average show and there can be a lot of people who enjoy this YA drama but don’t expect any suspense, the little suspense this show has is mostly predictable. I hope there is a new season and things improve in season 2.

Ratings :-

Acting- 2.5 / 5.

Direction - 3 / 5.

Script - 2 / 5.

Cinematography - 2.5 / 5.

FINAL VERDICT - 2.5 / 5.

AVERAGE, watch it if you don't have any option in the genre of teen-drama. Don't waste time if you are thinking to watch this for any big suspense.