REVIEW: The Handmaid's Tale (S03) - A slow start but delivers solid end at the cost of its motives.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 had a slow start but picks up a high pace from episode ten and gives a solid ending. Also keep in mind that the show has forgotten its genre.


Season 3 starts from June being transferred to the Lawrence’s home as their handmaid. Meanwhile, Emily and Nichole reach Canada safely. Serena who was happy at first listening to the news of Nichole living in a free country, gets a sudden stroke of motherhood, a sudden need that she wants to be with Nichole. June is busy finding ways to meet Hannah. She also got a new walking partner, Natalie who is a firm believer of the laws of the Gilead. She declines to be a part of the ‘Resistance’ group. June has new plans to free Marthas and children in Gilead. This season is all about will June be able to execute her plan ? Will Serena finally meet Nichole? Will Natalie become a member of ‘Resistance’? Will June meet Hannah again and rescue her?


The show had a pretty slow start, things were slowly settling for June in Lawrence’s house, this “settling in “ phase is pretty common in every season but we all expect something new, something not so familiar to the previous season because it is high time for a change. And this season does listen to us but after the midway, so that counts as a little disappointment phase for us at the start. Some episodes are poetic, which might look good but they are just hindering the pace of the episode, an episode wasted while just sitting on a pillow, praying for someone you hate , someone who got depressed because of your actions, sounds good, dialogues carry a great emotion with them but wasn’t needed at such a crucial time but then June got her purpose in the hospital, so I can gulp down some disappointment.


The last three episodes particularly are the ones which decided to be the game-changers for this season. The way June transformed into a ruthless serial killer for a good cause gives me goosebumps agin and again. I also liked that Aunt Lydia got her episode, her backstory, it was needed. Also, a thing to notice here is that the show isn’t about showing a dystopian future with strict rules now, previously women were punished for even having long conversations but in this season June talks with other handmaids and no one bats an eye. There were moments I felt like, now she is going to be caught but she wasn’t. This season is concerned to make June a winner in every situation, a ruthless guardian of others in suffering, who is kinda invincible now. I cried, in the end, several times but the show has a different purpose now and if you want to enjoy it, you have to accept it. The free will of children to leave Gilead wasn’t even considered once. Some children have seen Gilead since they were born, what if someone likes to be there?


Acting by Elisabeth Moss is the best in business, Ashleigh Lathrop as Natalie also did a great job. Cinematography has been excellent in some episodes, drone shots, wide shots of destruction by fire of the Waterford's room while Serena is standing quietly in the room, or June sitting quietly in the road in front of the destructed house of the Waterfords were amazing but the cinematography has also been irritating at some places too, like the close up shots of June’s eyes or smile, in every goddamn episode is bold but frustrating after some point. Dialogue like “ The universe doesn’t have a balance sheet.” or “ nobody dies from the lack of sex, it is the lack of love we die from. “ and many other dialogues were so well put in this season, the script has been a strong point of this season. Music was pretty good at many places, especially in the final episode.



Overall, this season had a solid revenge story but lacked the dystopian storytelling.


FINAL VERDICT - 3.5 / 5.

You have to see it, if you have seen the previous seasons, there is no escaping this but keep in mind that the show has a different motive now to enjoy.