REVIEW: Super 30 - The movie would have worked if it was named 'Superheros 30' or 'Anand Kumar'

Vikas Bahl and Sanjeev Dutta constructed a classic underdog story but forgot to give a proper end because of the long melodramatic sequences.

Anand Kumar (Hrithik Roshan), is a medalist in Mathematics, he loves to solve different mathematics problems but his luck hits a pole whenever he starts achieving something. He gets a letter of admission from Cambridge University but he doesn't have sufficient funds. Then he becomes a ‘star-teacher’ in a coaching institute but he meets the bitter reality of education in India, so he starts his own free coaching institute to help poor kids to get admission in IIT. Then there are constant fights between Anand Kumar and the owner of a private coaching institute, Lallan Singh (Aditya Srivastava). The plot then gradually progresses from showing the striving life of thirty underprivileged students who start a mission to crack the exam of IIT and in the end becomes a local Suicide Squad who fights bullets with the law of reflection and different concepts of Physics. The main objective of the movie is lost in too many melodramatic sequences.

Super 30’s protagonist is like Ranchordas’s character from 3 idiots, he tells you to smile, calm down your heart and do wonders. Also, it has acquired traits from Naina Mathur (Rani Mukherjee) from Hichki, who is too determined to teach a set of students and provide knowledge from real-life situations. The first half of Super 30 is engaging and very effective but the film losses all its charisma in the second half. The mission of cracking IIT is sidelined, and the personal tragedies of Anand Kumar take the front seat. There is a scene where Anand tells his student to enact a scene from Sholay in front of a private institute in English to gain self-confidence which is just spurious if you look closely and don’t persuade yourself in the over-highlighted emotions of the drama. There are teasers of strong underdog story but it is all crushed down because of a flawed second half. Not judging the short installments of personal agendas this movie had related to the director and the inspiration because nowadays biopics are made to clean the image of a person(s) rather than concentrating on providing an inspiring story. So I really can't punctuate arguments because it is more of a trend. Also, the plot didn’t provide a proper characterization to the whole cast except Anand Kumar. Every character is sidelined and I don’t get why the movie is named Super 30, why not Anand Kumar? Because it clearly didn’t justify its title of showing a journey of thirty underprivileged students, it was more about Anand Kumar and his personal, difficult life.

All the actors did exceptional work and obviously, Hrithik stole all the limelight. The cinematography and background score is too adjusting, there is a long queue of strong dialogues between Anand and Lallan and so it starts raining, then background score by Ajay-Atul is too weak, even if there is a simple dialogue , there is a bold background score just to make you feel the needless emotions portrayed in the movie. The song Basanti No Dance might have good intentions as per the scene but is too clumsy and inferior to pace along with the emotions of the scene. Anand Kumar’s thousand times repeated dialogue “ Jab time aayega, tabh lambi chalang lagaenge” looks like it was told for being an inspiration for the Action 30, which the students became in the last sequence instead of being an inspirational line to crack IIT.

Overall, the movie had good intentions and a very good social message but has a flawed depiction.

FINAL VERDICT - 2.5 / 5.

Watch first half, leave the hall in intermission for a better experience.