REVIEW: Student Of The Year 2 should be renamed to Girlfriend Of The Year.

Dharma’s Student of the Year 2 isn’t really about who and how one becomes a Student Of The Year, it is about who Tiger chooses as his girlfriend.

Set in a time, where the days of parents taking care of their children are long gone. In this parallel dimension, parents don’t stop you from wasting your life because of a girl, instead, they encourage you to do the opposite. Rohan Sachdeva (Tiger Shroff) is a student of a local college in Missouri dying to take admission in a reputed college of Dehradun, just because he can be with his girlfriend Mia (Tara Sutaria) . Finally, he gets admission through sports quota. She first ignores Rohan but then starts loving him again after he wins the race but then she deceives him. Meanwhile, Shreya (Ananya Pandey) is trying to become friends with Rohan. During the practice sessions of the city's major dance competition, they bonded really well. Suddenly Mia discerns her mistake and wants Rohan to absolve her. Shreya too discloses her love towards Rohan. In the end who becomes Rohan's girlfriend, is the story all about.

Who becomes the student of the year and how is just an excuse, the real story focuses on who becomes the girlfriend of Tiger Shroff in the movie. I wish India had so forward-thinking as it is portrayed in the world of Dharma Productions. I just wish India was so perfect as it is the mind of Karan Johar. More like a fantasy world where people living in a small congested town don’t object you from dancing on the terrace with a girl in a sports bra, they praise you for it. Where music directors I.e. Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani become the judges of a dance competition. Where Principal of a college is a dumb comic character and doesn’t know what to say after shouting “Good Morning students!” Where there are no teachers or they simply are ignored in the college except the coach of your sports team. And where there are no strict rules in the competition. If a bad version of Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander was made in the world of Dharma Productions it will be called Student Of The Year 2. I won't say 'that students never really study in the college' fact because as there is a dialogue in the movie which goes " St. Teresa apne aap mein hi ek alag duniya hai." so you can really just ignore this fact and think it as a fantasy college where co-curricular activities are more important than studying.

Tara Sutaria can be the new Jacqueline of Bollywood who can act a bit but only knows how to smile when it comes to the real acting. Ananya Pandey looked like she was searching for the camera in the entire movie. And everyone knows Tiger doesn’t act, he just somersaults in the movie. Music is dull and very boring. The set of the movie is lavish and luxurious but doesn’t look realistic at all. The story is obviously predictable with boring dialogues. The first part still was more about the competition than the love story but it looks like the director messed up the proper proportion of both these factors in the second movie.

Overall, the movie is boring and serves nothing new. Even Tiger in an interview said the film is entertaining and audience should watch it without putting on their thinking caps, so you know what you are signing up for.

Ratings :-

Acting - 1 / 5.

Direction - 1 / 5.

Script - 1 / 5.

Cinematography - 1 / 5.

Music - 1 / 5.


I highly recommend not to watch this movie. Watch Detective Pikachu instead.