REVIEW: Stranger Things (S03) - Drowns you in the lake of nostalgia, fun, horror and action.

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Netflix’s Stranger Things Part 3 holds you by your neck and drowns your head in an ocean full of nostalgia, fun and action which makes this season by far the best among the other two.

The show starts with a team of scientists and army men in a nuclear-reactor like facility, who are trying to open the gate between two worlds which was closed by Eleven (Millie Brown) in the second season. Kids have grown up, Eleven and Mike are now in a proper relationship. Hopper (David Harbour) is angry to see them so close and even puts a hold in constant” making out sessions” between Mike and Eleven. As the Russians are coming close to break the gate, Mind Flayer is making its presence felt in Hawkins again. There are monstrous rats, The “Will Tingle” and many other things which indicate his presence. Gradually, “The Adventurers” (Will, Lucas, Mike, Dustin,Nancy, Max , Eleven, Steve and Jonathan) came to know about the return and aims of The Mind Slayer. Will “The Adventurers” save Hawkins again?, Will Eleven defeat The Mind Flayer and how? is the season all about.

I will be honest with you, after watching the trailer of Stranger Things Season 3 , I was thinking that maybe this season will become an over-the-top season for the overall show, where The Duffer Brothers have decided to take this Mind Flayer concept to be a far-spreading catastrophe with a new technology upgrade or something, Eleven by her superpowers will defend everyone from Mind Flayer’s reach and would put him back in the other side of gate . Fortunately, I am wrong, this season still syncs its premise and its characters, nobody or not even a thing feels to be out of place for the premise and the time frame of 1980’s taken for the plot. The show actually was more strange,horrifying and less fun before and now , in this season, it looks like they have found a proper way of combining these three elements in a unique balance, making this season, by far the best among others. The show has evolved the characters with time, especially the character of Eleven, she is not that kid any more who just shouts , uses superpowers, cries, saves Hawkins and faints. She knows how to interact now with everyone, she is more open towards her feelings and does more girly stuff with Max. Also, the show continues the great friendship between Dustin, Mike, Will and Lucas despite the differences and the way their comic-book knowledge helps them in knowing moves of the enemy.

With great power, comes great responsibilities, Tim Ives, the cinematographer of the show really understood the value of his power with camera and took care of his responsibilities brilliantly. The slow motion “mind palace” shots of Eleven were just amazing and so was the editing of “ flayer-possessed” rats. The background score is the best thing about the season, Nora Felder ‘s music selection really sets the mood back to 80’s. The performances in strangers things have always been its strength but special mention to Brett Gelman and Alec Utgoof who portrayed Murray and Dr. Alexi. Their chemistry was really impressive.

Overall, this season is the best season of Stranger Things and if you have seen the show till season 2 , you should definitely watch this one right now.


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