REVIEW: Selection Day(Part 2) - Ends on a much darker and good note as compared to the former part.

Netflix's Selection Day Season 1 started on slow-note and almost made us uninterested towards the future of the show but things in the second part end on quite a good note and the show took a much darker and mysterious approach towards the season finale.

As stated in the mid-season review, two boys Manju and Radha are forced to live the dream of their father of being world's best batsmen. Radha still wants to play cricket but clearly isn't that good at his technique compared to Manju. Besides, Manju has a keen interest towards science and living a different life but he is forced to play cricket. There is a constant conflict in the mind of Manju to choose a particular life. Also, the problem of their mother still missing hits them hard and they even fight for this with their dad. There is also the life of Javed which turns out to be interesting and play a key role in the life of the protagonist. The chats between God and Manjunath becomes more interesting and though-provoking.

The show's mid season break only touched many elements and went to an uniteresting end but after the mid- break, things started unwrapping themslves and even took a much intersting approach. Javed's life starts playing a pivotal role in the show. The actual truth behind the missing mother also takes interesting turns. Each character gets a considerate amount of screentime for their respective stories. The character of Rajesh Tailang aka Mohan Kumar take some creative spins. The character of Gulshan, the mafia money lender jumps from its stagnant and behind the main-frame story. Overall, the show now has started getting a grip over the unevenly distributed elements it had during the mid- season.

Mohammad Samad and Yash Dholye played their roles brilliantly. Karanvir Malhotra shines out after the mid-break, he is kinda dark horse of the show now. Mahesh Manjerakar and Rajesh Tailang were outstanding. Akshay Oberoi is made to play a role of loss-suffering businessman looks quite confused throughout the show but it somehow suits his character. The direction of the show had some weak points and also starts at a weak note but imroves mid-way. Script is still trying to find its place in the various themes the show holds, dialogues aren't that impactful as they should have been. Cinematography is quite normal, nothng worth mentioning about it. The background score suits the different situations, so we can say the show has average music quality.

Overall , the show had a dull start but improved a lot towards the second part.

Acting - 3 / 5.

Direction - 3 / 5.

Script - 2.5 / 5.

Cinematography - 2 / 5.

Music - 2 / 5.

Final Verdict - 3 / 5.

Worth a watch.