REVIEW: Russian Doll- An interesting show, you won't get bored even if you watch it in a loop.

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Netflix's new show Russian Doll written and directed by the lead actor Natasha Lyonne is endlessly funny and individualistically centered.

Some of you still might remember Doctor Strange's ending where Doctor Strange makes Dormamu stuck in an infinite loop until Dormamu accepts the bargain deal, well this show is based on the same thing where two different strangers are stuck in an infinite loop until they figure out what they are doing wrong. Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) keeps dying and returning to the same birthday party. Whereas, Alan ( Charlie Barnett) keeps dying and returning to the day when he breaks up with his girlfriend, probably the worst day of his life. At first, Nadia tries to eliminate all the obvious possibilities. She goes to the drug owner who made the Israeli cigarettes she took on that day. Then she tries to find out all the other reasons for this situation. But then she met Alan and found out that he is experiencing the same thing. Then together they start finding out the reason about why all this was happening to them. And the way things end up are pretty intriguing and impressive. This concept is similar like the Amazon's Forever. But this show is pretty more funny and compelling.

Natasha Lyonne as Nadia is refreshing and strong. She has got the right amount of attitude and smartness. Charlie Barnett as Alan is sharp, firm and little hesitant which suits his role perfectly. Other actors did a fine job in playing their respective roles efficiently.Direction and cinematography is on point. The death scenes are well executed and shown in a unique way. Background music is perfect.

Overall, this unique concept is brilliantly executed and depicted in the most funniest way possible.

Acting - 3.5/5.

Direction - 4/5.

Cinematography - 3.5/5.

Script - 4/5.

Music - 4/5.

Final Verdict - 4/5

A definite watch for weird-comedy lovers.