REVIEW: Romeo Akbar Walter is probably half a decade late.

Romeo Akbar Walter (RAW) tries to give a tribute to the martyred secret agents of India but has a very faulty execution and is probably would have worked if released half a decade ago.

The film starts by explaining the birth of Bangladesh and conditions during Indo-Pak war of 1971. John Abraham as Romeo works in a bank in Delhi but one day some people try to rob the bank and John Abraham stays calm and handles the situation , next thing you know the people pretending to robbers were RAW agents and they came to test Romeo to become a secret agent. See recuritment in RAW is so easy you just need to be calm in a bank robbery and be a son of ex-army officer. Romeo turns to Akbar Malik as he’s sent to Pakistan for an undercover mission and cleverly mixes up with important people of Pakistan. Then the story is all about how he manages to stay and operate as an agent even after being watched by the eyes of Pakistani police.

The film is long and boring and its approach and the story has already been made like a million times in different Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Last year released Raazi had the same theme and several other movies like Ek Tha Tiger and Baby are also lying on the same note but have different storyline. The setting of the movie is actually pretty good but certain facts like attending important meetings in public places and intimate scene in between a time-bound situation makes you disconnected from the seriousness of the movie. The end has a grand twist, half of which can be easily predicted if you look closely, for once I prayed that the movie is made without any twists , probably that would have been something very new for us. And why is it that Anil George has become the Pakistani evil face in ever movie?

John Abraham is expressionless as usual . Mouni Roy looks beautiful and acts out her part very well. Jackie Shroff as Shrikant Rai who is the head of RAW department falls off at some places, from his accent I was pretty sure that he was going to say " Ae bhidu, sab ekdam jhakass chal raha hai " at some point in the movie but thankfully he didn't. The direction took a lengthy and boring approach, could have been executed in a better way and shooting could have been done at better places. Scripting is the weakest point of the film unnecessary fake patriotic lines and silly code word language ruins the experience of the movie. Cinematography is the strongest point of the film, the setting, the look of the film is very appropriate and some detailed shots are cleverly made. Music suits the culture of the film but isn't very effective. You forget it as soon as you leave the cinema hall.

Overall, the movie had a good motive but is executed badly.

Acting - 2 / 5.

Direction - 2 / 5.

Script - 1.5 / 5.

Cinematography - 2.5 / 5.

Music - 2 / 5.

Final Verdict - 2 / 5.

Wait for it to come on TV.