REVIEW: Money Heist (S03)- Serves the same success formula on a larger scale with a similar impact.

Not sure I watched the Part 3 or the Part 1 again. Imagine successfully achieving a Herculean task for the THIRD time or defeating a hard villain in your favorite console game again and again and that is exactly what creator Alex Pina did with Le Casa De Papel’s (Money Heist) season 3 by delivering his successful formula with the same level of excitement, thrill, nostalgia, tension, emotions, action and clever tactics of the one and only ’Professor’.

The show starts with Arturo Roman (Enrique Arce) being a motivational speaker after the Royal Mint’s heist. In a world where everyone considers him to be brave, a hero who with his will power escaped the heist and people are cheering for him as being unaware of the absolute truth. Cut to, Pampa Islands where Rio (Miguel Herran) and Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) are walking on the air by enjoying their days all by themselves on an island. But soon Tokyo realizes that she needs a social life, a life full of conversations with other people, adrenaline, excitement, thrill, and party. Now, Rio is almost alone on the island, one day he tries to contact Tokyo but their call gets intercepted and Rio gets arrested. Tokyo contacts Professor (Alvaro Morte) and assembles “The Losers” to rescue Rio and plan the biggest robbery Spain would ever witness.

A few things have been added in the show which is great overall but it deteriorates the pace of the drama like the continuous conversations of treating women equally or how men are usually sexist. It is good to discuss these things but it certainly looked like the script comes back to the general social issues the world is facing whenever they want to end the air of silence among the gang. Also, a few decisions taken by the government looked quite poor and predictable. Except these, it almost felt like I was watching Part 1 of the show, just with a different location and on a big scale and even one of the prime person playing as the hostage in previous parts is again playing a hostage in this part. The point of Professor's gang and his ideology being the resistance is also highlighted in a bigger scale. Rodrigo De La Serna as Palmero somehow fulfills the feeling of missing Berlin as a mad head of the heist. Berlin returns on the show but he is not a part of the heist,technically.

Najwa Nimri as Alicia portrays a brilliant character from the side of the police, her journey starts a little late, probably saving her for the fourth part. After a certain point in time, the show starts to look so believable that you even doubt that the arrest of Rio was a part of the Professor’s plans. Even Racquel ( Itziar Ituno) points the same thing indirectly. The show will also make you nostalgic with its legendary Bella Ciao song in the background. Some commentary done by Tokyo especially on the pain is quite interesting. Dialogues are also pretty good like the one at the beginning “We are all hostages to different situations.” The acting done by the whole cast is amazing, there are plenty of new additions and none of them disappoints. The cinematography has improved, those underwater heist-related shots and the first episode almost being a world tour have improved the show visually.

Overall Part 3 doesn’t disappoint at all, in fact, it adds more excitement as being a bigger heist than the one in previous parts of the show.

FINAL VERDICT - 3.5 / 5.

If you enjoyed the previous seasons, you are definitely going to enjoy this season as well.