REVIEW:Mindhunter(S02) - Much more complex, much more interesting. Characters get new personal arcs.

Mindhunter Season 2 goes on a bigger scale and gets more complex this time. This time the show also considers the personal lives of the special agents closely.


The show begins with some short teasers of the life of BTK killer, every episode has one short teaser of him. The show then jumps back to the events after Holden gets a panic attack while he meets Kemper. A new FBI director, Ted Gunn is giving full support to the Behavioral Science Unit started by Holden and Tench. The first season considered the personal life affecting the work scenario for Holden only. But this time Tench and Wendy have their own screen space and they both are struggling to maintain their personal lives. And believe me Bill’s personal life is tragic on another level, Fincher can make a spin-off series about how Bill's family issue, it is that dark. Wendy is trying to find a perfect relationship. There are more interviews with other interesting criminal profiles and even Wendy is also conducting some of them.


This season has a unique combination of new and old tools. There are interviews with different famous serial killers and Bill and Holden are also working with the police on the investigation of Atlanta Child Murders. The second half of this season is almost fully invested about finding the suspect of Atlanta Child Murders, how Tench and Holden plays a key role in it and how Tench is managing his work and the issues of his adopted son. But the case isn’t so easy, there is a pattern but not a definite one and there are fewer clues and more problems like racial and economic obstructions, repudiation of new approaches, unsystematic and lazy work approach, political pressure, community pressure and many more. In fact, the Ku Klux Klan gets a spotlight in suspect’s list too.


I only wished that BTK killer teasers were more and the new force recruitment for the unit was taken more seriously, could have given shape to a new plot twist. David Fincher has a very systematic approach towards setting up the perfect cinematography conditions. As we know him for his marvelous previous works like The Seven, Zodiac, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, he has managed most part of the show. The slurry brown and the broad daylight shots all added up to give a proper touch to the 70’s premise of the show.

Ford aka Jonathan Groff as the man who gets happy to interview serial killers, who considers the emotions of criminals in such an environment is like an outsider from the different world who doesn’t look at those serial-killers as unapproachable human beings, he rather changes their taciturn behaviour and pulls out valuable information from the bond he shares with these criminals. Tench aka Holt McCallany is amazing, his side of the story is quite fascinating now. Anna Torv as Dr. Carr plays such a subtle role, the way a woman adjusts herself in the world full of men, is pretty interesting. Dialogues like “ We are all living in our own prisons” or interviews with Manson, Berkowitz are very engaging. Music choice was mostly good at many places but in some places, the basic dark tune of the show is used in unimportant scenes, so that’s not a good option in my view.


Overall returning after two years, Mindhunter tells a classic crime drama in a complex yet a unique way which cannot be missed.


A must watch.