REVIEW : Mere Pyare Prime Minister - A strong subject with a weak execution.

Mere Pyare Prime Minister clearly fails to use their own elements and delivers a story which could have been more impactful if released on a digital platform or as a short film.

The trailer is the story. The story revolves around a single mother Sargam (Anjali Patil) and her son Kanhu (Om Kanojiya) who have a unique and admirable bond between themselves. But one day ,Sargam gets raped on returning from defecating from the fields. The 8-year old Kanhu is upset and angry after knwing about this, so he decides to build a toilet for his mother. But the plan failed, so he took the help of municipality and even reaches the Prime Minister to get all te help, he can. Similar social topic like Toilet: Ek Prem Katha but depicted in a different manner.

Even after being only one and half hour long , this movie will still make you wonder how long the movie is , the directors keep beating around the bush and touch the main topic in small proportions. The film deviates a lot from its central subject and thus is unable to make you feel the emotional depth or the seriousness of the central theme. And the climax is abrupt and totally unrelated to the entire film. Also, less information on the background of characters makes you disconnected from the movie.

Anjali Patil is a great performer, she displays a variety of expressions very naturally. Om Kanojiya is one of the best child actor ,I have ever seen, he and the other child actors saved the movie from completely falling to the ground. Other actors such as Rasika Agashe as Rabiya was good at delivering the emotional touch in the scenes when needed. Direction falls off at many places and looks repetitive , this movie could have been a brilliant short film. Cinematography wasn’t that good , it failed to capture the aesthetics of the slums. Script showed a lagging nature, second half is weakly coordinated. Music isn’t that good , not a single song was influential.

Overall this movie could have gained massive appreciation , if it had a strong execution ik the central theme. Can make you feel things about the condition of the country but wouldn’t be able to touch your heart deeply.

Acting – 3.5 / 5.

Direction – 2.5 / 5.

Script – 2 / 5.

Cinematography – 2 / 5.

Music – 2 / 5.

Final Verdict – 2 / 5.

Wait for a shorter version, that will be more impactful.