REVIEW: Luka Chuppi makes you wonder if it has the same script writer as that of 'Total Dhamaal'

The same old story ,lousy execution and forced masala makes Luka Chuppi boring and simply not entertaining at all.

Guddu Shukla is a reporter of a local news channel-Mathura Live. He comes from a very ordinary family and has an elder brother who is unmarried, a crazy uncle and a blackmailing nephew. Guddu meets Rashmi who wants to be a journalist and gets the job in the same news channel. Guddu and Rashmi, coming from two very different families, somehow fall in love with each other. Guddu, in a heated argument, challenges his elder brother that he will marry first and proposes Rashmi . Rashmi decides to live-in with Guddu in order to know him better and then things starts turning messy. Everything is there in the trailer, nothing new and even the jokes are limited, only a small bunch of jokes are funny. Other times the same thing is stretched over and over as if they have no proper premise to build.

The movie really assembled some unique elements and cast but completely fails to utilise them. Brilliant Actors like Aparshakti Khurana and Pankaj Tripathi are just wasted in this stretched drama. The jokes in the movie are as silly as the one used in 'Total Dhamaal.' The movie is continuously ranting about the same things in the first half as if I was seeing a clip in loop.

Kartik Aryan as Guddu has grabbed a tone to deliver dialogues and he is doing it repeatedly in his every film. But his other films had calibre and they did perform well but this film just has nothing special about it. Kriti Sanon is playing the same role as Bareily Ki Barfi, trying to be super sweet and bubbly at times. Other actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Aparshakti, Vinod Pathak have just wasted their time in the bad script. Cinematography is okay nothing special worth mentioning. Direction is bad , there were very good elements in the movie but all are used in a wrong way both by the script writer Rohan Shankar and by director Laxman Utekar. All the songs are remix of old songs which can be good for a dance practice but doesn't look good at all in a movie. Also, the dressing sense is very bad in this movie.

Overall, I don't find any definite reason to watch this movie.

Acting - 2 / 5

Direction - 1.5 / 5

Script - 1 / 5

Cinematography - 1.5/ 5

Music - 2 / 5

Final Verdict - 1.5 / 5

Just Skip it.