REVIEW: Little Things (S03) - Bigger reasons for separation which are both interesting and tiring.

Little Things inches closer to real problems season by season and beautifully mixes the elements of long-distance, nostalgia, insight on parents, marriage pressures and Dhruv and Kavya’s ardent yet distressing past experiences but can be a bit tiring and overstretched for some.

The third season of Little Things is all about holding themselves together even when the distance is separating them again and again. Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal) is hired as an assistant under a professor of Indian Statistics, Bengaluru to do some research work, while Kavya is a senior manager at Summer Lite Solutions. Both of them try to find their circle of happiness by seeing and talking to each other in small rectangles (smartphones) which they hold most of the time. Six months feels like six years when they both rapidly realize that they are incomplete without each other at different periods Words between them change from sweet to bitter as fast as a chameleon’s skin. In this season you can sense that Dhruv is given more importance or rather screen time as compared to Kavya, like we see how he adjusts in Bengaluru and how he slowly makes Bengaluru his “happy place” but we don’t clearly see how Kavya is dealing with loneliness, there are bits and pieces of how she deals with regular emptiness but they are comparatively less than that of Dhruv. Predictability can be an issue but it can be overlooked easily. Plus, after a time the constant separations will feel elongated for no particular reasons even if they are quite emotional.

Even after the end of six months, they take a trip to their respective parent’s houses. The feeling of nostalgia is everywhere in little things in or around their house. They both realize that they have missed so many things being away from their homes. One particular scene that wrenched my heart was an apologetic conversation between Dhruv and his mother about leaving the house. Dhruv just can't relate to the feeling of being away from his house because he has already been away for so long, to which her mother replies “Do you even relate to us now?” A sudden change of expression in Dhruv’s face from being apologetic to be shocked and upset looked really genuine. Mithila Palkar as Kavya is still portraying her best expression of confusion and sadness together. Basically, in this season you can sense that Dhruv slowly being away from Kavya and she is somehow trying to pull him close by strongly holding Dhruv’s little finger.

Like every season as the plot gets better, the background music evolves too, music by Neel Adhikari and Gautam Nair feels like home, they can both be announced as the “Gregory Alan Isakov of India”, their music feels like home to your ears. Direction has been pretty clever and rapid, like the cheesy moments, the romantic sequences, the crazy “what if scenario” thread and most importantly the little yet tragic, emotional sequences, all looked pretty balanced. “ It is not necessary to be happy only with each other for both to be part of each other’s growth. But it’s important to just be there for each other.” The dialogues were like the icing on a delectable cake, I just expected more Kavya and Dhruv chemistry rather than seeing how they hold themselves together being pulled apart constantly.

Overall, played his cards well and puts up their best game again even after evolving steadily with each season but could have been way better if it cleverly executed more romantic moments in the season.