REVIEW: Laakhon Mein Ek - An authentic medical drama which lives up to its title perfectly.

Laakhon Mein Ek written by Biswa Kalyan Rath , Abhishek Sengupta and Hussain Haidry touches the theme of interlinked medical conditions of India and politics of India in the most effective way possible.

Junior doctor Shreya Pathare (Shweta Tripathi) , an honest and rational doctor who works as a trainee in a civil hospital where she is somewhat forced to take up the job of organizing cataract camp in a village. But the conditions of the village are very bad, people don't come to the government hospital nor anyone believes in the treatment given by them. Dr. Shreya is told that they all believe in a local so-called doctor Jagmohan who cures patient by giving them steroids in the name of Ayurvedic medicine. After an accident in which Dr. Shreya turns out to be a hero, people start trusting the government hospital and even sign themselves up for the cataract camp. But there is a shortage of medicine supply. Now how the patients get treated, what happens to them and who is to be blamed for such turn of events makes the story of the show.

This season cleverly depicts the interlinked connection of healthcare and politics in India and like the previous season how a person who is clearly not interested in pursuing the career chosen for him/her becomes a hero first but takes the wrong step in maintaining the value of his/her heroism in front of everyone. Whatever they do is for the overall welfare of the people around them but is completely wrong or rather illegal and worthy of an criminal offence. First season included cheating in the examinations for maintaining the protagonist's reputation infront of the students and reputation of the institute as well as his parent's wishes, second season includes taking up of medicinal supply from black market just so she doesn't lose the trust of the villagers, whose life depend on her.

In fact the second season takes more topics like the dirty politics and how even the health of the people gets crushed in the race of election. The drama is raw and isn't superficial at all. More like Newton and Nayak where the protagonist gives more importance to the overall welfare of people and fights for it. It can be said that it is like the Delhi Crime of a medical drama , where every scene is authentic and true to the actual process and problems faced in the regular proceeding of a task either investigation or medication involves an exploitation by the politics happening in India. We see a similar end in comparison to the first season where living the life of being 'laakhon mein ek' (one in a million) who fights for the right is a curse in the disguise of blessing. Thus, the show justifies its title completely.

Shweta Tripathi as a protagonist is brilliant, she manages to show her sweetness , no matter what is written for her character. Other actors with their small yet substantial role acted brilliantly. The direction is intelligent and clever and sticks to the story perfectly. The script though doesn't have much hero-proving dialogues but they do take up the sadness of being a hero or rather being someone different from its general environment, which is unique and effective. The cinematography is sharp, no extra imagery or scenic beauty of village is shown , it is sticked to how the things actually look in the village. Also a blind man (Narayan Dada) sitting in a room filled with the art made by him or taught by him when he was able to see before the cataract operation is a very good shot and says so much even without any words. Music is on point, perfectly suited to different situations in the story.

Acting - 4 / 5.

Direction - 4 / 5.

Script - 4 / 5.

Cinematography - 3.5 / 5.

Music - 3.5 / 5.

Final Verdict - 4 / 5.

A Must watch . You should definitely watch both the seasons.