REVIEW: Kalank - Both Alia and the audience just need a guard/person to save them from this Kalank.

There would have been no story such as Kalank if such a rich family in the movie could have afforded a guard or a servant to take care of Alia. If there was a guard or servant for taking care of Alia outside the house, she would have never met Varun and Varun wouldn't have said the "Giraftaar" dialogue and the whole story would have stopped there.

Dev Chaudhary (Aditya Roy Kapoor) is the owner of a very famous or rather the only newspaper brand in Lahore. Satya Chaudhary aka Sonakshi Sinha as Dev's wife is suffering from cancer and she just has a year to live. So she somehow convinces Roop (Alia Bhatt) to marry her husband. Madhuri's voice impresses Alia and she urges to take classes from her. Alia meets Varun when she is outside the palace of Madhuri. Zafar ( Varun Dhawan ) starts showing her the Husanbad to help her in writing an article eventually they fell in love with each other. But Zafar's motive aren't good and thus his motive drives a wedge between him and Roop. Then the end is all about realising that they love each other and how they try to escape.

The film has stunning visuals but so did Thugs Of Hindostan , look how that turned out. Similar to TOH, the movie at many places forgets that it is a period drama. As stated earlier even after being so rich the family doesn't have someone to look after Alia when she is outside nor anyone guards their big house. They are living as a rich minority in a town still they don't care about the security. And even if there is a servant who leaves Roop outside to roam and takes her back to the house but she doesn't say anything to Balraj (Sanjay Dutt) or Satya until the end about what Alia is doing outside, who she is roaming with or hanging out. At least she should have told about Alia getting close with an outsider to Satya. Zafar's whole life is hard to digest. We never see Alia taking care of Sonakshi, Alia is just present in the house at late night to see stars in the sky and leaves early morning to roam with no restrictions whatsoever . The characerisation is very lousy and screen presence of all actors except Varun and Alia is very less. Abhishek Varman tried very hard to make Varun like Ranveer Singh in Ramleela but clearly failed in doing so. Unnecessary item numbers and songs at regular intervals annoys more than the story does.

Even after leaving factors like lacking common sense , the film also has a very long screenplay and the runtime isn't clearly worth for such a simple story. The film's story was thought by Yash Johar fifteen years ago. Even for that time the story is very boring and predictable. Towards the end, all the other doors of the train are filled with men hanging on the gate but only the gate in which Alia is standing has a lot of space and nobody is entering that gate or rather stoping her. And the train takes more than fifteen minutes to take up the speed.

Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapoor , Sonakshi Sinha and Sanjay Dutt played their roles in a good manner. Varun Dhawan and Madhuri did a good job in overacting. The direction of the film is like a kid trying to be cool but is failing miserably in each scene. Every scene is filled with boredom. The script is filled with forceful strong dialogues which sometimes don't make sense at all and fails to make an impact. The cinematography is just okay but can't compensate for such a boring screenplay. The music is just normal, no song is impactful or suits a situation. In fact the situations are made to somehow justify the song when it should have been the other way around.

Overall, Kalank is actually titled perfectly as it is going to be 'Kalank' for Bollywood.

Acting - 1 / 5.

Direction - 0.5 / 5.

Script - 0.5 / 5

Cinematography - 2 / 5.

Music - 1 / 5.

Final Verdict - 0.5 / 5.

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