REVIEW: Euphoria - A visually spectacular portrayal of a drug addict's story with some loose ends.

Euphoria directed by Sam Levinson is dark chaos which highlights the painful, horrifying life of teens who are either in a toxic relationship or the influence of drugs or have abusive parents with amazing visuals and effective Morgan Freeman like storytelling.


Euphoria explains the life of a depressed, drug addict Rue ( Zendaya ) who finds hard to live her kind of deranged life in high school. But that’s not the end, the show isn’t mainly about Zendaya’s mental condition and how she fights and overcomes it, it is more about the coming-of-age love story between many characters and even the show beautifully captures the story of almost all the characters and how they all are insanely linked. Later in the story, Rue finds Jules ( Hunter Schafer) who comforts her, understands her, holds her when she needs someone around. But Jules isn’t a perfect angel, she might not be a drug addict but she has made some bad decisions like a nightstand with Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) who is a sex addict and loves to make a collection of videos of his different sex encounters with a varied range of people or should I say children. Jules then starts falling in love with Nate Jacobs(Jacob Elordi) but comes to know it was all just a play for him.

Will Rue repair herself with Jules’s help? Will Nate stop damaging the life of Jules? Will Cal be able to save his hidden truth? Will Maddy move on or will she stay with Nate? Will Cassie be able to manage herself after a bad watershed? So many questions, so many loose ends and the finale just answers a few of them and that is disappointing.




These days, a show with drug addiction and toxic relationships suffering teens are pretty common but Euphoria efficiently finds a new tangent of abusive parents and places it so carefully inside this chaotic void that it makes the show more productive and great. Previously these type of shows never really covered the side of parents being on the wrong foot, it was always about the kids making the wrong decisions, but those decisions can be made due to the depressing conditions at home, that was never really taken into notice. Also, every character is connected so brilliantly to the protagonist that it almost feels like all her friends Jules, Maddy(Alexa Demie), Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), Lexi ( Maude Apatow), Chris(Algee Smith), Nate, Fezco ( Angus Cloud) and Kat(Barbie Ferreira) are like the eight legs of the spider and Rue is at the center, with the main body, narrating the life of each one of them.


 I also liked the fact show is quite self-aware as it acknowledges its creative tool of narration which feels like Morgan Freeman narrating almost every 70’s crime dramas but larger the range of characters, more difficult it becomes to handle all of them. It is like a clown juggling with many more balls than he can manage. The show somehow manages every character backstory but forgets to put a satisfying end, they are probably saving it for the future seasons but we all expected at least some loose ends to disappear with this season itself. The struggle of finding comfort in his sexuality for Nate and how disturbed his mind is because he never really tells anything to anyone like an introvert and the evil deeds of his father affected him in such a bad way, is such a new touch in a usual plot.


The dim-lighted setting with neon color filters and Zendaya’s narration have acted like an icing on the cake for the plot. Zendaya is phenomenal and so is Jacob Elradi as Nate. Other actors like Eric Dane, Angus Cloud, Maude Apatow, and Hunter Schafer all did an amazing job. Some brilliant dialogues in the narration like “The other thing about depression is it kind of collapses time, you find your whole days blending together to create one endless suffocating loop.” suited the show magically. I just wished Lexi had an episode of her own, I hope they listen to me in the next season.

FINAL VERDICT - 3.5 / 5.

A Must Watch! Zendaya revives her passionate singing after a long time in the show's end , check out the video below.