REVIEW: Dream Girl - A hilarious ride with the same old formula, probably half a decade late.

Raaj Shandilyaa’s Dream Girl is hilarious but the plot is probably half a decade late and offers nothing new and worth remembering. Hilarious? Yes. Something new , different or something to learn from it ? No.

Karamveer (Ayushmann) is a jobless youngster who plays different female mythological roles in different plays because of his talent to speak in a female voice. Then one day, he sees an ad to earn quick money. After a lot of begging, he gets the chance to work in the “close friend” call center and he excels in it. Slowly, through his charm and sexy voice, he is capturing many hearts. After a while, his personal life gets mixed with professional life. Did I explain the trailer of Dream Girl or the whole movie? Well, you decide that. We all can guess the whole plot of the movie from the trailer except one twist. And that twist is hilarious, I agree but I am tired of seeing the same old formula sold in the name of a new one. I expected more from this movie. At times, the movie feels fast-paced to get to a point, to get to some bigger social message than we are expecting from it but then decides to be funnier instead.

Nusrat as Mahi is sweet, generous, modern and smart so smart that she decides to marry someone without actually knowing what he does for a living or why does he need to act as a female character in street plays. She once after seeing Karamveer as Radha in a play starts dreaming as Karamveer being Krishna and she being Radha in a street play dancing to the beats of “ Radhe Radhe “. I don’t know why the makers didn’t decide Nusrat to be “Krishna” and Ayushmann to be “Radha”. That would have suited the plot more. Other leading members of the cast did justify their roles, Annu Kapoor in the second half was terrific. The dialogues are the life of this film. With enough punch lines and clever comebacks, this movie becomes very hilarious but the social message part looks like as if was just inserted by the editor in the last moment to show that this movie serves another purpose as well. They are served in bits and pieces as either in one-liners or at the end as a monologue.

The film struggles to find a proper genre it wants to be funny as well as it wants to spread a social message. It becomes successful in being funny but fails to achieve its alternate motive. It’s not like you will stop taking a selfie and start taking a family photo or start talking to parents or adults who are alone after this, it is a great thought but a single monologue doesn’t change you, a whole movie on it can. But I assure you Dream Girl isn’t the one.

All things said, Dream Girl might roar on the box office due to its humor quotient but has the same old story with different variants if you look closely.

FINAL VERDICT - 2.5 / 5.

Try it definitely for the humor but expect nothing new from the story.