REVIEW: Dark(S02)- An intentionally well- paced enigmatic season which is uncanny but in a good way.

Netflix’s epic German show Dark’s Season 2 created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese will blow your mind with amazing plot twists and has refreshingly rapid story progression which is creepy but in a good way.

If you meet me tomorrow and ask to give a basic storyline about this show then by the time I will be able to make you understand the gist of it, you can complete the first episode of the show because the show is so complex and mind-boggling, that it is better to watch the episodes first, then read about it. The show starts with a suicide and the disappearance of a child in a small town called Winden, which is basically a wormhole through which we can travel into the past or the future. As we know how season one explained how Mikkel ( Daan Liebrenz) and Micheal (Rudolph Sebastian) is the same person and what role does Jonas and the people of Winden individually play in this setting of the past and future in being so interlinked. While the first season is almost spent in understanding who becomes who in the future ? or who was who in the past? Season two takes a huge jump and even brings a big pack of more confusing questions and mystery. Some questions like “What is this wormhole?  how is it formed?  how the past and future are so interlinked to each other? and most importantly what role does Jonas have in all of this?” are all answered in the best way possible.

The show has crossed all the levels of being a spectacular enigmatic supernatural drama. Time travel, Black hole, God particle, all these scientific things which we are pretty much uncertain about are used so cleverly and perfectly in this show that it will blow your mind. The first season was intriguing but had some mediocre acting and dialogues but the show has totally changed itself a lot in this season. The first season looked like the show is mainly traveling a circular path around the four characters Jonas, Ulrich, Mikkel, Noah, Tidemann, and others are just pawns in this play of time and death. But the second season changed my perspective completely. In the second season, each and every character is getting its own base or should I say its own destination, even small characters like Mr. Woller also has a substantial role in the drastic turn of events. Movies like Inception, Looper, Back To The Future series and other sci-fi movies just look like a child’s play in front of this show when it comes to properly use the concept of time-travel. I don’t know why this show is named "Dark" and not “Stranger Things” .

Have hope my mother said, not expectations, you might get a miracle and not a disappointment” philosophical dialogues like this, especially the ones designed for the character of Adam and Noah with some biblical references as well, have really favored the atmosphere of the season two. Some early complaints of mediocre acting are certainly improved, performances by Andreas Pietschmann (Future Jonas), Lisa Vicari(Martha) and Maja Schone(Hannah,2019) is really commendable. Louis Hofmann and Winfried Glatzeder have done some phenomenal work. Also, CGI editing of portals and wormholes and top angle shots of Winden and apocalypse really acted as an icing on the cake. Background score is better than before, songs like " My Body Is A Cage" by Peter Gabriel and "Anthracite Fields: IV. Flowers" really assisted the depiction of tragic situations.

Overall, this is one of the best supernatural, sci-fi show ever made.

Ratings :-

Acting - 3 / 5.

Direction - 4 / 5.

Script - 4 / 5.

Cinematography - 4 / 5.

Music - 3.5 / 5.


A Must Watch!