REVIEW: Criminal(UK)-A fresh interrogation room drama with a proper touch of emotions and intellect.

Criminal is a 12 episode series containing three stories from each country like the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France. Criminal (UK) is strong, well structured and depends largely upon its characterization. Every member of the cast gets to be in the interrogation room in different episodes to shine. Now three episodes have three different suspects and three different stories.

Episode 1: Edgar The first episode is the strongest among the lot. With David Tennant playing as a doctor suspected to kill his stepdaughter, the first few minutes are enough to build up the interest. Without wasting many shots or beats, the show gets to the point and we see Lee Ingleby as Detective Tony setting the interrogation room on fire by his performance. But David Tennant as Edgar feels almost ready to give one of his finest performances on the small screen. Previously, David Tennant played the role of a detective with " not so good " mental condition in Broadchurch. The first few minutes looked as if he was brought into the interrogation room for playing such an overproud and off detective. His streak of " No comments " looked as if he has experienced all this already. But as soon as the questions get intense and tension rises with them, we get to see a classic fallout in the interrogation room.

Episode 2: Stacey The second episode's suspect looks like a pop star is in the interrogation room. Haley Atwell as Stacey possesses such a dynamic, random behavior as different random colors on her hair. The first episode was based on nailing down the suspect with minute details but the second one is based on emotion and intuition. The suspect is brought into questioning for her relation to the death of her sister's husband. Katherine Kelly as DI Natalie Hobbs looks as if she revives her character of Jodie Shackleton in Happy Valley which acts on instincts rather than facts. The tension beats in this one is quite well put, they don't sound forceful at all. The premise of the show is limited and synchs in and out of the interrogation and observation rooms quite magically. Though this episode is quite predictable still it is a great drama to watch. This might be the weakest among the lot.

Episode 3: Jay

The third episode is not about the suspects, it is about the detectives, mainly about Detective Hugo. Mark Stanley as Detective Hugo might be the weakest among his team because of his habits but he still knows how to break the suspect by playing through correct emotions. The suspect is brought into questioning about a discarded trailer of the truck which might be filled with immigrants. Youssef Kerkour as Jay is a strong man but has a kind heart. The episode's end might not be that staggering but the whole course of episode was quite well balanced with tension and flawed human characteristics trying to show that they are good at something. Even the scenes out of the interrogation room were pretty tensed.

Overall, the three episodes are filled with a proper sense of tension, emotions, drama, intellect, and thrill.

FINAL VERDICT - 3.5 / 5.

A Must Watch.