REVIEW: Chhichhore- Surprisingly hits you with a Titanic of nostalgia but has few cracks in the plot

Chhichhore is a call to unrealistic hostel days of the college. They don't fit in reality but are delightful and fun to watch.

Chichhore starts with a prank we all have experienced either in short or large quantities, the legendary splashing of water randomly at everyone. Then it cuts to present time where Anirudh's (Sushant Singh Rajput ) son is stressing over his All India Entrance Exam Results. He feels to be in more pressure as both his parents were ex-IITians(In this case NIITians). So when he fails, he decides to take the path of giving up life. Doctors inform that he isn't responding to the medication , because he doesn't want to live. Anirudh then tries to stimulate Raghav by unfolding the tales of his college and how he was in a "Losers" group and why was his group called the Losers. With a continuous travels to past and present and surprise visits of all the members of Losers group we come to know a message mainly based on the quote by Roy T.Bennett " Do not fear the failure rather fear not trying."

The movie lives on the constant serves of one-liners and unique characterizations. The plot, the message , everything is quite predictable, what makes this movie a delight are the moments , the crazy memories of hostel, the moments worth re-living again and again. With each passing moment you are becoming a part of past, a past full of wonderful lies , a past served to find a value of life for a patient struggling on the deathbed. Characters like "Sexa" played by Varun Sharma explains the urges of a desperate porn-addict and denotes his private part as "Bunty." Writers probably named this character "Sexa" because he can be the Alexa of Sex. The same old character premise of a drunkard senior played by Tahir Raj Bhasin called the "Derek" who drinks alcohol in the morning rather than tea. A slang-machine called "Acid" played Navin Polishetty makes everyone nervous by his clever use of cuss words as a form of cheering. Tushar Pandey plays the role of " Mummy" who is an introvert and a science nerd who cries for his mother rather than facing any situation, he is probably the funniest character and last but not the least, the chain-drinker of alcohol called the Bevda who replaces lesson of Quantum Physics with a small bottle of alcohol all the time. These characters alone with their one-liners are enough for a laughter-packed entertainment.

Loosely taking parts of every high-school , college dramas ever made in Bollywood like Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander ' s passion and competition , Student of The Year's chain of sports competitions , 3 idiots fun in hostel but it certainly lacks the moments of classroom , with no teacher getting the centre stage on the screen . We never really get the taste of academics in such college . We all know these are the dreams , we crave for such colleges , the reality is different and Bollywood knows how to plays with our feelings and Chichhore is just another product to this play of dreams . All said , Chichhore serves it's purpose and gives a satisfactory entertainment and i am happy that it doesn't tries to over the top like Bollywood usually tries to do in the second half.

Acting by everyone was quite good , expected more from Sushant after his performance in Sonchiriya and Shraddha character is underwritten . Pritam's music is suitable for some situations but at some places the selection is very bad.

Overall , with a Titanic of nostalgia Chichhore is a satisfactory college drama and is worth a watch .