REVIEW: Chambers - A teen horror drama that might bore you even at 2X playback speed.

Netflix’s new horror special Chambers written by Leah Rachel, Jason Gavin and Randy McKinnon has a dark approach but it doesn’t know how to use that to its full potential and eventually, this long monotonous drama is unable to grab your attention.

Sasha Yazzie while trying to have sex with her boyfriend, experiences a heart attack. She is somehow revived by a transplant. This new heart belongs to Becky LeFerve whose parents are quite eager to meet her daughter’s organ recipient. But with this new heart, has brought some personality changes in Sasha and she is seeing hallucinations of Becky. Becky’s parents kindly force Sasha to accept an offer, so that they can closely observe the life of her daughter’s organ recipient. Then the show is all about the sulking her life in new college, how it is hard to be a teenager with weird hallucinations not reaching to a proper conclusion .

The show wastes its major time in capturing the scenic beauty of Arizona. The setup can tell you so many alternate interesting stories with great potential but chooses to portray the mundane life of a teenager in new college with someone else’s heart. The protagonist just calmly accepts what is thrown to her and never really takes a stand for her own life and goals. It looks like having someone else’s heart forces you to live the life of a donor. Needless sounds and absolutely million times used before horror scenes techniques like seeing your face instead of Becky in family photographs among many others makes the story more predictable and you ready for any sort of shock whatsoever. The show is never able to decide its genre, whether it wants to be a horror drama or a teen-drama because clearly it isn't able to stand on both the boats. Uma Thurman’s comeback is clearly wasted. It would have been an interesting watch if the dead girl’s mother had her own perspective and affect on the life of recipient, rather than wasting such a great actor only by letting her jog with a deer.

Sivan Alyra Rose as Sasha Yazzie looks pretty confused and tired as the protagonist. She uses her full capacity but isn’t able to swing back and forth between playing a regular teenage life and a dark twisted life. The magnificent nature shots doesn’t add much value to the show. Slow pace and over-detailed screenplay makes you yawn most of the time rather than being scared. Dialogues like “ Sometimes rules are just there to keep us from feeling exactly what we need to feel “ shatters dark chambers of your brain and makes you realise the laziness of the writers towards the scripts. Pop – culture and rock songs adds a good flavour to the execution.

Overall, the show fails to impress with its predictable twists and clearly misuse the potential of its setup.

Acting - 2 / 5.

Direction - 1.5 / 5.

Script - 2 / 5.

Cinematography - 2.5 / 5.

Music - 2 / 5.


Skip it , watch Bonding instead .