REVIEW: Bonding - Going to be a 'dominatrix' in sex comedy because of its new spectrum of fantasies

Netflix’s new special Bonding depicts a new segment in the sex comedy which can be more refreshing than a lemonade you had yesterday.

A dominatrix appoints her BFF to be her assistant in carrying out the weirdest and funniest fantasies of people. The first signs of Dominatrix culture were shown in all Fifty Shades movie, which at present has become the representation of the culture, but certainly, it is not a perfect choice. whereas Bonding might be the best contenders for the representation of the dominatrix culture for now. Pete, a wannabe standup comic never really sets his foot on the stage. Tiffany, a grad school student in psychology in the day and a dominatrix at night, never really reveals herself to the outside world but somehow towards the end, she realizes that she needs to accept herself in front of everybody. They both unite to fulfill the craziest fantasies ever made and eventually find the missing parts of themselves.

Netflix for the first time granted the freedom from its strict framework of time and makes every episode not more than seventeen minutes. I don’t know how but this framework of time is cleverly designed to sway your mood and interests. You can never feel a bit boring because everything is so funny, sweet and weird within a perfect timeline, that you simply forget all your boredom. Some interesting fantasies like the penguin wrestling or putting a finger in the bum of your landlord just to get freed from a month’s rent makes you laugh out loud. There is no end message of the show that two people are in the wrong paths and they should love each other and get together to be happy or something they just continue the way they are and accept each other. Also, there is the famous D’Arcy Carden who plays Janet in The Good Place as Daphane who tries to fulfill her husband’s weird tickling fetish. Her screen presence and her charm itself is more delightful than any other thing.

Roughly inspired from the original experiences of Rightor Doyle, the creator of the show is all about making you laugh on the strange fantasies of the story rather than caring about being explicit. The main actors Zoe Levin and Brendan Scannell performed brilliantly which overpowers the underwritten insights of their characters. Though the background score presence is very small it still suits the situations of the show. There isn’t any monologue of the main characters of the show, the lines are just plainly written without any pretence to cast a charm on your mind with its sweetness and even rudeness at required places.

Overall, this show is like the new advancement of adult sex comedy and leaves a sweet and weird impression at you effectively.

Acting - 3.5 / 5.

Direction - 4 / 5.

Script - 4 / 5.

Cinematography - 3 / 5.

Music - 3 / 5.


Must watch if you like the sex - comedy genre. Waiting for season 2 desperately.