REVIEW: BlacKkKlansman- A satirical comedy with effective storytelling.

BlacKkKlansman is a satirical comedy based on 1970's American Race War with neat execution and innovative storytelling. A racial war with perfect humour.

John David Washington plays Ron, a young black man in Colorado Springs who wishes to join the police force, his self confidence and straightforward attitude gives him a job at records department, he is humiliated by other white officers who call him 'toad'. Eventually, Ron is moved to undercover work, where he has to spy on a meeting by Black Power. He was told just to spy, so that the police can know about the attention gained by the new leader of Black Power, but instead he felt so connected to the speech that made him offended on the jokes about the leader later at the chief's office. He is then put behind a desk in a different department. But suddenly one day he uses his talent of mimicking the resonant voices of different white men lands him an interview opportunity at Ku Klux Clan whose ultimate motive is to provide more power to the white men and eradicate the rising power of the black men in America. at the meeting , Jewish officer Flip ( Adam Driver) Is sent to win the trust of the men of KKK.

And then different humorous events follow up and makes this movie a fun ride. Though the execution has a similarity to Malcom X and American Hustle at some places but it is unique in its own way. Though many things are fictional and director Spike Lee has taken many creative liberty from the true story on which the movie is based.

The movie is filled with innovative contrasts of different messages propagated by the leader of both the races. Some hilarious punchlines in the middle and a stylish-classic ending makes this movie a unique gem among the movies concerned with racism in America. The female characterisation is a weak, almost non-existent. The ending comparison of the current situation makes you realise how much this movie has to say after being such a fun ride.

John Washington and Adam Driver were brilliant in their roles. Topher Grace as David Duke was phenomenal. Other actors like Robert Burke, Ken Garrito or Fredrick Weller made this cast more rich and made this movie fun in their own unique ways. Script fell off at some places and as mentioned earlier, the women characterisation like Patrice ( Laura Harrier) was weak and almost non-existent. Direction was perfect, Cinematography was just normal, nothing fascinating about it. Proper music gives you more reason and energy to watch this movie.

Overall, this definitely deserved to be an Oscar Winner for me and is a very tough contender in the Best Picture Nomination List.

Acting - 4 / 5

Direction - 3.5 / 5

Script - 3.5 / 5

Cinematography - 3.5 / 5

Music - 4/5

Final Verdict - 3.5 / 5

A Must Watch.