REVIEW: Big Little Lies (S02) - A travesty on the unique, brave and an amazing plot set in season 1.

Not sure if it should be called 'Big Little Lies' anymore. I guess 'Big Little Trash' is a better title for me.

Big Little Lies Season 2 does something that my grandfather used to do when I was a child, he used to tell a great dramatic intriguing story, halfway in the story , he used to sleep (this is exactly what Season 2 of Big Little Lies was, just a sleepover after a fantastic beginning of the story ) and then he used to wake up after a few minutes and used to say “ Towards the end, the king and the council of ministers say that all the bravery and the smart things we told is a lie, please don’t kill us just give back everything what we gave to you throughout these years.” and that is what Season 2 was for me , all the greatness, unity and bravery of season one was just washed off in Season 2.

After the events of Season 1, we see Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) living a struggling life while carrying the heavy burden of killing Perry (Alexander Skarsgard). The Monterey Five is trying to cheer her and telling her to keep her shit together. On the other hand, there is a new addition to Celeste’s life i.e... Mary Louise aka Meryl Streep as Perry’s mother. She is determined not to believe about Perry being a rapist and a domestic abuser because he is her dear son and he can never do anything wrong. Meanwhile, Renata’s ( Laura Dern ) life is a joke because her husband is making her lose all her wealth and hard work she has put throughout these years. Even Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling) is having an affair with Amabella‘s babysitter and he isn’t sorry about it. Madeline is somehow trying to save her marriage and Jane is trying to find her peace by slowly falling in love with her colleague, Corey (Douglas Smith). After some melodramatic events, Mary Louise registers a custody case of Max and Josh, as she thinks Celeste

( Nicole Kidman) is unfit to be a mother right now. Is Celeste able to save the custody of Max and Josh? Will Bonnie confess about the actual truth of the night of Perry’s death? Will Madeline save her relationship with Ed? This is what the season is all about.

First of all, David Kelly’s concept of The Monterey Five’s friendship is based on a lie, is just utter nonsense. Their friendship wasn’t based on a lie, it was based on the unity they had after they stood against someone who was very wrong and abusive. Instead of acknowledging their friendship, season 2 takes the point of their friendship and throws it in the trash. Even all those thoughts of Bonnie of killing her mother or the first flashback scenes of Perry’s death are all just a waste. It was like the illusion tech thing used in Spiderman: Far From Home by Mysterio, where everything is just an illusion but at least Mysterio had some hidden purpose whereas David Kelly through his continuous “Mind palace illusions” of Bonny, Celeste or Jane in Season 2 did nothing but gave us a predictable and anticlimactic ending. Ed's (Adam Scott) character was just wasted all along in this season.

Honestly, season two was just not needed, Big Little Lies could have worked like a charm if it was a limited series or even if you want to make a season two at least show how brave and united this friendship of five ladies are. Season two could have been about how The Monterey Five is still trying to defend themselves even after the constant pushing of the detective to know the truth, there could have been new innovative ways tried by the police to know the truth rather than just giving up and watching the drama from the back seats.

Mary Louise’s character deserves to be praised but making her the main antagonist for The Monterey Five is like you give wings to a donkey. It was just not needed. The show could have made her a substitute antagonist rather than depicting her as the main villain. Also, the courtroom scenes were pretty lame. The five lead actresses are so strong that they can pull off any rubbish script and make it look awesome and this what they tried to do in season 2 but too many plot holes can't be saved by anyone. Background music isn’t that impactful as it was in the previous season. Dialogues were the strong point of the first season and it is even true for the second season. Dialogues like “As dead as he is, sometimes I think I’m deader.” or “People can move on after tragedy, just not together sometimes.” are quite skillfully phrased.

Overall, season two of Big Little Lies was just not needed.


Watch Season 1 if you want to and then have a good sleep. Don’t think about Season 2.