REVIEW: Bard Of Blood - Wastes too much time on being stylish and spicy forgets to be thrilling.

Netflix's Bard of Blood delivers forceful twists, expected turn of events and forgets to be clever in storytelling. This Emraan Hashmi’s debut web series wastes too much time on being stylish rather than being unique and intriguing.

This is a “Spy” month for India. Firstly Netflix’s releases its Israeli spy show “The Spy” which was good but wasn’t an absolute thriller. Secondly, Amazon Prime releases The Family Man which is a combination of old and new ideas and I can say it is one of the best spy entertainment ever made in India. Then comes at the end of the month, Bard Of the Blood which tries to be rich in literature as well as in thriller but fails to achieve both the elements miserably. An Indian Spy, Kabir Anand ( Emraan Hashmi) who is the best spy of the Intelligence Unit of India is fighting with himself daily because he blames himself for the death of his partner Vikramjeet ( Sohum Shah) . After the death and some internal conflicts with the agency, Kabir is discarded from the agency.

Meanwhile, in the present time Sadiq, the chief director of the IIW (Indian Intelligence Wing) needs Kabir to rescue four agents captured by Talibani terrorists. These agents are important because according to an encrypted message, they have come to know about a very big secret in Balochistan. How Kabir agrees to the mission and will he be able to save the agents or not? Will he be able to mend the facts which force him to stay in the past? Will he be able to take revenge of his friend’s death ? is the season all about. Bard of Blood is so obsessed with its title and theme of” action with poetry” that it even forgets the relevance of it at some places. Shakespeare quotes or those of different quotes from famous authors float in the air without any context.

Events can be predicted, twists at the end of every episode seem either needless or forceful and if you hear closely you can also guess the upcoming background tunes as well. Same old gun combat techniques and spicy hand-to-hand combats only with the main villain show lack of unique input in the action choreography. There is a scene in which Kabir with his two agents destroys a pipeline but what fascinates me is that such an important pipeline is guarded by one guard on the field and with two guards in the control unit only. And how did Kabir and the team got hold of a detonator even after being faced with the loss of their original supplies is a bigger mystery than the ending part of the show for me. Characters those of Isha (Sobhita Dhulipala) , Veer (Vineet Singh) , Sadiq ( Rajit Kapoor) are underwritten, some of the events take place as if they are going to make a huge difference but are quickly forgotten because of the spicy drama and same old action sequences.

Bilal Siddiqi’s Bard of Blood book through its subtle use of poetry and well-paced thriller is brilliant but the show while trying to be a part of Bollywood adds too much flavor to the adapted rich origin. The story somehow wants us to feel some empathy about the forgotten spies and the conditions which terrorism can cause in the lives of people but sadly all of it looks quite poor and badly executed. While shows like The Family Man tries to show the new and unique “ the normal human side” of the terrorists, Bard of Blood is invested in showing the same old tangent of ruthless terrorists.

Camera angles are pretty decent but the cinematography fails to impress much. “If wishes get fulfilled all the time, then there will be no difference in life and dreams.” dialogues like this are very beautifully extracted and penned but doesn’t suit situations in many places.

Overall, Bard of Blood may have few good intentions but its motive get lost while trying to be a stylish and unique thriller. It rather appears to be a foolish attempt to become a massive high-class spy thriller series.

FINAL VERDICT - 1.5 / 5.

Skip this one or watch only if you missed Emraan Hashmi. Better watch The Family Man on Amazon Prime.