Panchayat Review: A simple, genuine, perfect tale of an outsider in village handling daily problems

You know whenever you see Jitendra Kumar boiling in anger and smashing everything or everyone in his way, you can be very sure that the show will be a massive hit. TVF’s new production Panchayat revives the most memorable moment of TVF’s Pitchers. In Pitchers, Jitendra Kumar destroyed gadgets and delivered the whistle-blowing dialogue “ Gunde Nahi Hai, Entrepreneurs hai **** .“ whereas in Panchayat Jitendra Kumar in a similar rage, smashed everyone with a fake gun when one of the hoodlums hits the Pradhan Ji (Raghuvir Yadav).

Amazon Prime’s Panchayat, created by TVF, introduces us to Abhishek Tripathi ( Jitendra Kumar) who is an average student, graduated, now preparing to get into a good MBA college while working as a secretary of the panchayat in a village called Phulera, leaving his city life and adjusting in a village just so he can get some work ex and some money rather than nothing. He isn’t some Mohan Bhargava of Swades as his friend tells nor he is very ambitious to change the state of the village. He won’t deal with a problem unless it somehow affects him. The village problems aren’t anything major like complete lack of electricity or water supply, they range from deciding a name for a newborn child to a tree which is considered haunted based on rumors. It is a simple, genuine story based on the day-to-day problems of the village and there isn’t any heavy drama going in the village. It is like as Micheal Scott says in The Office’s end “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things, isn’t that kind of the point?”

TVF has always tried to portray the life of average students be it Ankit from Hostel Daze or Vaibhav from Kota Factory. They have always tried to show the life of students who aren’t very smart or the ones fail terribly. In fact, Amazon’s own special Laakhon Mein Ek Season 1 created by Biswa Kalyan Rath also portrayed the life of a boy named Akash who is forcefully admitted to an IIT coaching institute. You can say Abhishek Tripathi is just a combination of all these characters which shows the life of a graduate student doing a basic job of secretary in a village. Each episode is formulated on minor events like a “chair with wheels” or what’s the “perfect place to hang a banner” but it is not like it ignores the bigger problems completely, the last episode is based on how a woman who is actually the Pradhan of a village should not be a Pradhan just by the name she should also realize her duty. Brilliant use of the national anthem is done towards the end.

Another scene where Abhishek tells how lonely he is in this village and exclaims that everyone is busy with their families and he doesn’t have any family in the village is very heartwarming. There are small hints present in the show like in the first episode you see everyone leaving the panchayat office to go to their homes, you feel that Abhishek will be so lonely in a new place so after a few episodes Chandan Kumar addresses that point, then again in the first episode you see the problem electricity in the night, the next episode is based on how he wins the last solar light for his use. This tells how brilliantly the show is crafted on things that are usually ignored.

Jitendra Kumar is spectacular as always and Raghuvir Yadav is seen after a long time on the screen but he delivers a master-class performance. Neena Gupta doesn’t get many scenes but whenever she is on the screen, it is a delight to watch. The dialogues are the strength of the show, they are very sharp and humorous at the same time. The visuals are also captured in a modern way and the yellowish-brown tone of the show helps the theme and premise of the show. The background music and some songs are very beautiful which is done by Raghav Chaitanya, Vivek Hariharan, Nikhil Sachan and Durgesh Singh.

Overall, Panchayat is certainly one of the best shows to come out this year and is flawless in all aspects.

Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Raghuvir Yadav, Neena Gupta

Creator: Chandan Kumar (TVF)

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