Narcos: Mexico is guilty of using it's success formula again.

A young smart man with a goal to earn a lot of money , luckier than his rival and brutal when needed sets up a classic drug-lord story which will entertain you for sure and would keep you hooked up to each and every episode with its thrilling charm. It is a same story to that of its previous seasons but it is entertaining in a unique way.

See , being intriguing is an eligibility criteria for these type of shows but in this new season of Narcos ,humor has a great part as well. Gallarado with his trio forms ludicrous environment all over the show. Mexico in 1980's was known for its untamed choices thus it became a great hub for illegal drug trading. Even some dumb drug sellers too had a great market for selling drugs as it is shown in first episode.

Gallardo tries to stay systematic,but Rafa(Tenoch Huerta) and abberant Don Neto(Joaquin Cosio) messes up everything. Theya are funny s hell , they dance to some songs in the middle of a serious episode makes you wonder the elements with which the show is filled. Then comes Michael Pena as DEA Agent Kiki Camerena whose goal of getting justice gains an edge over the ambitions of Gallardo but it is interrupted by the organizational corruption of the people sitting above him. Thus an interesting war develops between the officers who actually want to arrest drug lords and are doing their level best to do so but their work is interfered by the government agencies acting above them who are following their own path which is imprecise and wrong. Narcos : Mexico is filled with guilty rush moments which the audience crave and viscous operations which in a way we all like to see.

This old tale has very few dull moments thus is a perfect match for the name of the show. So if you are a Narcos fan or not a follower of Narcos, it doesn't matter just open the Netflix app and play Narcos : Mexico, you will definitely enjoy it.