Must watch short films of 2020 streaming on YouTube.

YouTube has a treasure chest of short films. Most of them are even better than any mainstream film ever released. In this tough year, here’s a list of short films that might either make your mind blow or fall in love with their brilliant storytelling. In fact, these short films might be the only thing which will help in being sane in this insane year. So here is the list of must-watch short films of 2020 on YouTube.

  • The Salon

A thrilling mind game. A customer enters a mysterious salon for a shave. There is a sudden radio announcement that mentions a fugitive who is on the run. The details match for both the customer and the barber. They both start doubting each other.

  • Change of plans

From a few months, Simran and Kaushik are in a relationship. They decide to move to a foreign country together. One the day of departure, Simran has a dilemma about the plans while Kaushik isn’t able to find his documents. But, there is a twist in the story. This is an award-winning short film directed by Murtaza Ezzi and features Suvin Valson and Kaushik Narayan.

  • The Dream

Sneha and Ronnie see the same dream despite no connection between them. Their quest to find out the mystery behind their similar dreams leads them to a dream interpreter which changes their life. The film is directed by Javed Ali and features Aaqib Uz Zaman, Ashna Arora, Satyasheel, Gaurav.

  • Sakshidar-The Witness

An award-winning Marathi short film on friendship and human values. The film is about a poor, old farmer who comes to clear the debt of his late father. The film is directed by Shailes K.R Megde and features Vinod Bhalerao and Shubash Dhawan.

  • Ved and Arya

Arya turns up unannounced at Ved’s home. Ved knows, it is not a regular surprise and she definitely has something on her mind. Will everything go as planned? Te film is directed by Ritesh Menon and stars Nakul Mehta and Sanya Irani.

  • Sarvagun Sampann

Nominated for Filmfare, this film shows how people assume so many things based on a rumor. Kalyani, a loud, joyful 40-year old spinster’s existence is merely a warning sign of what may happen to you if you don’t get married at the right age. The assumption about her miserable life is an extension of the way we handle deviance from anything that is ‘normal.’ It is either sacred or repulsive. Which one is she? Directed by Heena D’Souza.

  • Pandit Usman

When a man of a particular religion undergoes a heart transplant, the new heart he receives is of a man from another religion. Next to follow is a roller coaster ride filled with a comedy of errors.

  • Banana Bread

A lockdown special short film, shruti is home alone during the pandemic when the arrival of someone redefines what’s acceptable in the time of social distancing A sweet, tender film starring Rasika Duggal And Mukul Chaddha, directed by Srinivas Sunderrajan.

  • Bridge

As the night envelopes the city, Vinod, the taxi driver-cum-pimp was driving across the streets of Mumbai, when he finds a young girl. On the other hand, Rajjo, a prostitute of early thirties irks the presence of the girl because it is harming her income. But things change when an evil acquaintance tries to snatch the girl. Directed by Bikramjit Gupta.

  • Call Him Eddy

Every comedian has grown from a dark valley. Similarly, a professional cuddler goes through a lot of emotional trauma which helps him to understand the need of other people. In India, it is still not a profession nor it is legal but there are a lot of places in the world where cuddling is considered a stress-buster therapy. This film is about a professional cuddler in India. Starring Sanjay Suri and Eisha Chopra, written and directed by Sanjeev Vig.

  • Devi

A brilliant tale of sisterhood, suffering, and harsh reality. A powerful short film by Priyanka Banerjee, featuring Kajol, Shruti Hasan, Neha Dhupia, Neena Kulkarni, Mukta Barve, Shivani Raghuvansi and many other known female actresses of Bollywood.

  • Everything is fine

A powerful short by Mansi Nair Jain that will make you pause and force you to have a chat with your mother. A multi-award-winning tribute to mothers. The film features Seema Bhargava and Palomi Ghosh.

  • Samskara

Are we truly the slaves of our impressions? This award-winning short film on domestic violence depicts a similarity between the current life of a man and his childhood simultaneously via split-screen. Directed by Sankalp Rawat, the film also features Namit Das and Naman Jain in lead roles.

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