Mirzapur is a clever show, it knows the elements loved by the audience and shows it in a unique way.

"Show ho toh Mirzapur jaisa warna to ek show Sasural Simar ka Bhi hai" inspired by a dialogue of Mirzapur where a character called Guddu (Ali Faisal) compares the life with hairs on the balls. Mirzapur has a lot of bloodshed at every moment which is very raw for a Indian Web Series which might be too much for some people to see , its not your regular gangster drama show , it has such variety of elements in it that it keeps you engage all the time .

Show starts with an accidental firing done by Munna Tripathi(Divyendu Sharma) on the groom in a wedding cavalcade ,the case then goes to Ramakant Pandit the lawyer because of his strong determination to bring justice in Mirzapur. Guddu Pandit is a fan of Munna Bhaiya's power in Mirzapur. When Munna comes to know about Ramakant taking over the case filed on him , he directly goes to Ramakant's house where he founds out that Guddu is the son of Ramakant. Things then don't go as planned by Munna because of Vasudha's (Ramakant's wife aka Sheeba Chaddha) attempt of shooting him down. Kaleen Bhaiya aka Pankaj Tripathi then gives Guddu and Bablu (Vikrant Massey) a job offer to work under them. They don't have any other option left so they decide to work under Akhandha Tripathi (Pankaj Tripathi).

Now Pankaj Tripathi plays a similar role as he did in Gurgaon the movie . Calm and composed ,acting rough only when needed the most. Being the Godfather of Mirzapur he enjoys his power and lets his subordinates do the dirty bloodshed related work. Munna on the other side is quite violent and he just waits to take control of the empire built by his father's hard work. Similar to Gurgaon again. He tries to kill his dad by the help of his friend but the attempt meets failure as Akhanda's father comes in the meantime and shoots down his friend. He then somehow frames Guddu being involved with the compunder (Abhishek Banerjee) for formulating the strategy of killing Kaleen Bhaiya. Kaleen Bhaiya then allows his son Munna to kill Bablu and Guddu.

Other actors like Rasika Duggal as a lusty wife , Shriya Pilgaonkar and Shweta Tripathi did a fine job in playing the needs of their respective characters. Shubrajyoti Bharat as Kaleen bhaiya's enemy Rati Shankar Shukla did a fine job too. Show gets a bit predictable in the middle but is entertaining in every way. I am just a little unhappy because some characters like Ramakant the lawyer and Yadav the politician could have played a bigger role in overall development of the story. And the fact that Munna was able to dodge bullets everytime seems unrealistic.

Divyendu Sharma as Munna and Ali Faisal did some class apart acting, their shady,rough and unpredictable behaviour is a treat to watch in itself. So overall it is a good watch for the week and it has some very good dialogues which will stay in your mind forever.

Acting -4/5

Direction - 4/5

Script- 3/5


Final Verdict- 4/5

You should watch this one.