Manikarnika has a shoddy CGI and a very long runtime.

Manikarnika directed by Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi and Kangana Ranaut herself has some very brave and gory scenes but a bad cinematography and a very long runtime makes it a bit boring.

The same old story of Rani LakshmiBai is repeated again. An energetic girl aka Manikarnika is killing tigers with a bow and arrow who then gets married to King of Jhansi Gangadhar Rao ( Jisshu Sengupta) and was renamed as Rani LakshmiBai by the people of Jhansi. She becomes the Queen of Jhansi and does not accept any sort of negotiations from the British government. And after some powerful dialogues and little fights, we come to the final war which is very brutal but shown in a bad way .

Kangana Ranaut as Manikarnika is phenomenal , she has got the right attitude, rage and calmness needed for the role. But you will only see Kangana on the screen, no other actor/ actress gets much screentime. Some facts are altered for dramatization which looked unnecessary in the film, thus extending the runtime of the movie for no necessary reason. The final war has some great shots but the CGI is very bad. All the action scenes are shot in an excellent way but has inferior graphics. Direction done by Kangana mostly is really brilliant ,she can be a good director in future. Music is satisfactory, not that bad ,not that good.

Overall, this movie had a great potential but a long runtime and lazy work done in cinematography ruins the experience of a great story.

Acting - 3.5/5.

Direction - 3/5.

Script - 2.5 /5.

Cinematography - 2/5.

Music - 2.5/5.

Final Verdict - 2.5/5

Watchable for this week.