Flood saves Kedarnath from drowning

Kedarnath is a movie based on 2013 Uttrakhand floods but the movie is more concerned about showing the common issues of the society rather than concentrating the movie on the natural disaster.

Titanic, a movie based on natural disaster consequences and how a sinking ship hit by an iceberg was the reason of two people getting separated. We all have seen Titanic, plenty times and when you see Kedarnath ,you will realize that it is just the Indian version of it which is obviously filled with common issues like inter-caste love,ego differences between rich and poor class and Indian Economics.

Same old love story, a decent guy falls for a girl of outspoken nature, the love story is similar to the ones shown in Jab We Met ,Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham but it is mixed with common issues of the Indian society. When the movie is reaching the end and the flood has taken over the screen ,then the movie starts building some thrill which makes you concentrate on the movie (if you weren't). It is clearly the floods which has somehow helped the film from drowning deep down into the sea of total failure.

Sushant Singh Rajput is over expressive, Sara Ali Khan isn't that bad nor she is that good to deserve some compliments for her acting . Music is quite good, thanks to Amit Trivedi. The other actors played their needs of the character well enough. So overall, this movie just somehow reaches the line of being a one time watch . Go watch it only if you don't have an option.

Acting - 2/5

Direction -2/5




Final Verdict- 2/5

Worth a cheap watch, wait for the weekend and then go for it at a cheap rate.