House of Cards Season 6 has forgot to potray politics in a way it used to in its previous seasons.

See, this was and is still one of the best tv show we all will ever see. But certainly I miss Frank Underwood, all the House of Cards fan do. Now, Claire in this season tries to be the new Frank Underwood but the show in this season is quite busy in showing how he is demeaned by the Shephard Family and forming up an all women government . They have clearly forgot the opposition party , in the previous season opposition party play an important role in different decision, I know that now she is the President ,so she can do anything but that doesn’t mean you rule out the way politics works, where your each and every action is looked and showed in a different way by the opposition.

Season 6 has formed a big web of series of events which aren’t coming to a proper conclusion. Major characters die suddenly and there is no reaction from side of Claire ,she is impassive and so are the other people around the dead people . Tom Hammerschmidt dies, and no one except her colleague bats an eye about it, he has been a major restraint in the normal proceedings of the Underwood government since the beginning and you just kill the man suddenly without any impact. The fight between Claire and Shephard makes you feel a bit boring because it’s on same topics again and again. The writers did want to make Claire the new Frank but they forgot they cant just change the showrunner in a blink ,and make someone else the showrunner in just eight episodes. Had this season been a bit long , impactful and connecting I would have loved Claire.

Doug is a troubled man , now we all know it that even if he is a troubled man , he has such a strong personality that no one in the show has. But the makers are so busy in showing him weak that they forgot to show how different and able he is , like he was in the previous seasons.

All in all , the show is incomplete without Frank , though we all knew that he wont come back for personal reasons but the show isn’t the same it use to be now. I am happy that it ended and they didn’t thought of stretching it with Claire as the showrunner. Also, viewers really connected to what Frank said while he used to face us and give some valuable life lessons through his dialogues but in this season it was there but in small packets with clearly no impact . Telling everything Frank told us these years was a lie wont change the place he made in our heart and mind.

This season is just okay , only watch it to get an ending to the show don’t expect much from it.

Final Verdict – 2.5/5⭐