Glass Review: M. Night Shyamalan's great superhuman universe comes to an unsatisafactory ending.

M.Night Shyamalan's new venture Glass is just normal. If this movie was made on a standalone basis rather than being a part of trilogy, this could have been called a masterpiece , the one which can be used to decode the origin superhero movie ever made.

Glass is a sequel to 19-year old old classic movie and Unbreakable and the end to the universe of Shyamalan's superhuman universe. The movie begins by showing Bruce Willis as David Dunn still functioning as an effective superhero in the world even after 19 years, people don't know his true identity. They change his names from Tip-Toe Man to the Overseer. James McAvoy still suffering from his dissociative identity disorder is spreading a secret chaos in the world. Their worlds connect and ultimately they both are brought down to a psychiatric facility with Elijah Price. Sarah Paulson as Dr Staple is trying to release these three individuals from the thought that they are superheros. But things escalate on a very high note from the second-half which makes this movie a bit messy and leaves you with too many questions left unanswered.

James McAvoy is obviously the star of the movie. Bruce Willis did a great job as a supporting actor, that's right I wrote Bruce Willis as a supporting actor as he is actually sidelined in his own sequel and that is really unsatisfactory. Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Glass was phenomenal. The cinematography was pretty good, the dark setting suited the movie totally. Some angles like seeing everything from the eyes of Elijah was actually good . But it was done too many times. Music was too bad , they didn't even had the main theme song of Shyamalan's universe anywhere in the movie.

Overall, this movie looked more like the sequel to Split rather than the Unbreakable. It looked as if Shyamalan couldn't decide which way to go and choose something so unique that changed the whole plot of the movie which would have been great but things weren't made clear till the end. Honestly people will go with wrong expectations for this movie. If they see this movie as an superhero origin movie , they could actually enjoy this one.






Final Verdict- 2.5/5.

Watch it without any great expectations.