First Night Review: A mediocre anthology of first nights of marriage.

Jack Prabhu and Santosh KK’s First Night is a 4 chapter anthology of 7 couples set against the backdrop of their first night together after marriage. The film explores the problems and the complexities faced by seven couple who get married under very different circumstances from each other yet their first night of marriage doesn’t goes as they expected. From virginity to erectile dysfunction to first night scares, the film tries to touch different aspects of marriage.

The first chapter compares the first night of a couple who did an arrange marriage and a couple who did a love marriage. The first chapter is probably the weakest chapter in the anthology. The dialogues feel forced and there’s more of a comic side of the story that has been given more importance which is interesting but it doesn’t makes a notable impression.

The second chapter has a better theme than the first one. A guy on the first night of marriage finds out that his wife had a close relationship in the past . He gets angry and goes to a bar where one of his friends explain how he is wrong and a hypocrite to think in this way. The story is simple yet effective and can keep you hooked till the end.

Third chapter is pretty interesting and sweet and probably the best among the lot. It shows two very different arrange marriage stories which may not start on a good note but as the night progresses, their bond becomes stronger and much more emotional. The way things roll out in an unexpected yet charming manner makes a good impact and the plot has one of those themes which stay even after the movie ends.

Fourth chapter is more of a philosophical dive into what the director actually thinks about the concept of marriage and society. You can easily sense that the director is trying to convey their emotions with the help of the character and that passion is noticeable. However, after a while it feels like that the plot of the chapter has dived so much into exploring the philosophical side of things that pace has just been disrupted and you just can’t find a way to stick to the dialogues and screenplay.

Overall, First Night although tries to touch on important issues but still lacks a unique way of storytelling which can grab your attention in all the chapters. It’s good but it doesn’t seem to land where it was initially planned.


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