Fear Street Part-2: A Delight for Horror Fans

After a disappointing first part, the second edition to the Fear Street trilogy truly redeems this series. We get a basic recap of what happened in the first part and the story now focuses on what happened in Camp Nightwing in 1978.

The story is narrated by the sole survivor of the camp massacre Christine Berman to Deena and Josh, who are now trying to find a way to break Sara Fier's curse to free Sam from her possession. At Camp, the very first scene shows Sheila, her friends, and her boyfriend Will accusing Christine a.k.a Ziggy of being possessed by the witch, they burn her with a lighter. This scene was tense and reminded me of the Salem witch trials wherein innocent women were burned if they were believed to be witches.

We then meet nurse Lane, whose daughter Ruby Lane is no more. She was one of Sara Fier's recruits or victims and ended up killing 8 people at a party including herself.

The other main characters in the movie were Nick Goode, who was the sheriff's son from Sunnyvale. In part 1 he is the sheriff we see in the mall. He is shown to be a big Stephen King fan. When Ziggy was mixing a blood-like paint to take her revenge on Sheila, he asks her to "Carrie on". Really loved these little references.

Ziggy's elder sister Cindy and her boyfriend Tommy are a sweet couple who follow all the rules. While their friends Alice and Arnie are shown as drug addicts. Alice and Arnie reminded me of Kathy and Simon from the first part. Cindy unlike Ziggy is shown as a skeptic, her main motivation is to get out of Shadyside.

Ziggy's storyline runs parallel to Cindy's. The chemistry between Ziggy and Nick Goode felt authentic.

There is a lot of foreshadowing in the film, nurse Lane tries to kill Tommy and before her attempt, she says "one way or another you're going to die tonight". She knew Tommy was going to be the next Sara Fier recruit. Later, we learn that the witch had possessed Tommy in the exact same way as she did Ryan and Sam in the first part. When Tommy goes all serial killer, he immediately kills Arnie with an ax. Cindy and Alice who have a lot of differences before this incident are brought closer together as they both lose their boyfriends in a way.

When a possessed Tommy reaches the camp, he targets Shadysiders and only injures the students from Sunnyvale, which was quite confusing to me because in the first part Sam's boyfriend Peter from Sunnyvale was killed too.

In a duel with Tommy, Ziggy places a burlap sack on his head to suffocate him. The burlap sack was a part of Jason's look before he got his well-known hockey mask in Friday the 13th Part III (1982).

New secrets regarding the witch were revealed in this part. The parallel storylines were well balanced and the character development in this part was much better than the first one.

The movie had a predictable storyline, we knew who the killer was before the killings happened but this was done to emphasize the details about the witch. There was more gore in this compared to part one.

In the end, Ziggy's story offers a way out of the witch's curse to Deena. In the next part, we will see Deena transported back to 1666, I can't wait to see what happens there. Overall, this movie is a must-watch for horror fans!

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