SPOILER ALERT: We have tried our level best to hide many details of this season but still we had to mention some major points. So please read it at your own risk.

Daredevil is now the Batman of Hell’s Kitchen.With Season 3 currently streaming on Netflix, believe me the show is getting better season by season.

As we all know this year all the members of the failed venture of Defenders got their new seasons ,while Jessica Jones somehow managed to hold its position the other Luke Cage and Iron Fist got cancelled for the renewal recently. But there’s one show which didnt get affected by this so called decline of Marvel-Netflix shows and that is Daredevil which is getting better season by season. Now as we all know from the trailer of Season 3 that Fisk is back in Hell’s Kitchen. And Matt somehow survives the fall of Midland Circle building, he restores his health and senses in the initial episodes but yet struggles to be perfect untill he hears that Fisk is back.

Fisk finds a way to go out of prison and cleverly tricks FBI in his plan to eradicate the criminal organisations in Hell’s Kitchen. Also , Fisk finds his new left hand , Special Agent Pointdexter who plays the role of fake Daredevil which is by far one of the best and most skilled villain you would ever see. In almost every episode you would see Matt fighting with people in his conscience and most of the time it’s Fisk . It makes the character of the Daredevil look more real . Now if you have watched some of the DC Animated movies or played Batman games based on DC comics, you would certainly know how Batman often argues with Joker in his own mind. It makes the character of Batman look so real and troubled by the thoughts of his enemies. I am not saying that Marvel has copied something from DC , these are just ways to make you realise the authenticity of the struggles of the character . Infact it’s one of the best way to do it. I think Marvel has found his Batman in the face of Daredevil, though Daredevil isn’t rich like him or has lost both his parents but the troubles and the struggles of both the character will look quite similar to you , if you knew both the characters well enough. Now this season is quite brilliant with some great unexpected twists. Some of them are literally going to put you in a shock . I dont wanna reveal any further details, I just wanna say that Netflix hasn’t disappointed in the matter of Daredevil at all . So please watch this season right now on Netflix.

Acting -4/5⭐


Action- 4/5⭐



Final Verdict -4/5⭐

If you are a Daredevil fan , you certainly cannot miss this and you wont be disappointed in this season, as well.